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Works at Trupanion | A day in the life of Trupanion's member experience team

  Read on to learn more about the team members behind Trupanion's customer service team.
Ramen and Charlee

At our core we are pets. We show up every day to help pet owners and pets get the medical care they need. That is our passion. In this part of the Working at Trupanion series, we sit down with Trupanion's customer service specialist, Latonya Jones, to learn more about what it is like to help cats and dogs at a distance at Trupanion.

Behind the scenes with one of ours
Trupanion's customer service members

  Read more about how Ramen and Charlee help Trupanion's customer service every day.

What is your role on Trupanion?

Member Experience

When did you start?

I started my role in October

What does an average remote day look like?

An average remote work day consists of giving a good customer experience to our members while I am in pajamas for half the day. In addition, I have some fun employees. For example, my puppies play or sleep in the background.

What do you love most about working remotely?

No commuting! traffic
is awful and I do not even have to wear shoes.

What do you love most about your role?

I love being able to help pets and members every day. I enjoy spreading my knowledge to make sure they understand their wonderful investments.

What is your favorite part of your day?

Lunch time, so I can go and play with my dogs.

What inspires the work you do?

I just want to see pets that we all love to get the best veterinary care they need.

What do you value most about your role?

To have a support team that ensures that I succeed in my role.

  Discover more about the team behind Trupanion's customer service around the clock and what drives their passion every day.

Trupanion customer service team: Here to help around the clock

We love cats and dogs. Whether
we are inspired by our members, support teams or relaxed culture, we show up
every day ready to help furry friends. That is why we do what we do.

Thanks for sharing
your team member experience Latonya!

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