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Works at Trupanion | A day in the life of the Trupanion Compliance Team

  Read on to learn more about what it is like to work from home in pet health care and highlight Trupanion.

There is nothing like the company of your pets. While our teams are busy working from home, they may have a furry friend who keeps them company. After all, the love of dogs and cats is why we are here. Of course, we are inspired by our members every day and are happy that we can help pets get the medical care they need. In this part of our Working at Trupanion series, we sat down with Compliance Manager, Jodi Hunt to learn more about what it's like to work from home for a leader in pet health care.

Working from home with your pets by your side at Trupanion

  Discover what it means to work from home with your hairy friends by your side in the animal health care industry.

What is your role in Trupanion and when did you start?

Compliance Manager. I just celebrated my three-year Trupanion anniversary since I started in September 2017.

How has your career journey been at Trupanion?

I started in our contact center and helped our members and supported teams in that department. Then I moved over to the Compliance team almost a year ago now and am still learning something new every day in this role.

I can not wait for the next challenge either when I understand this. I love the career development opportunities Trupanion makes available to team members.

What does an average day look like in your role?

Every day is
different and that's what I love about my job. It's about mastering a juggling
communication document and deadlines.

What do you think about working remotely at Trupanion?

The opportunity to work anywhere! Since I moved here to the US from abroad five years ago, I am happy to visit my family in the UK more often. When travel reopens in the future, I feel confident that I know how to integrate work into my travels.

What is your favorite part of your day?

Often my role is about finding ways to make sure we & # 39; we do the right thing by our Trupanion members and our consumers are protected. This is not always on a larger scale, sometimes from case to case.

For me, nothing feels better than when we can find a way to support a member in a tough situation.

What inspires you to your role and your work you do?

Knowing our mission is always to do what is best for our members.

I think that says a lot about the culture and the way of thinking here at Trupanion. In fact, everyone I have worked with has always approached to deal with claims with the question "how can we pay these claims?"

Of course, I can not imagine working for an insurance company where the mindset is “how do we deny these claims?

What do you love most about your team?

All individual team members in our department come from different walks of life and have such varied professional experience. I love that I can gain different insights in a scenario. I may be unsure of how to deal with talking to each of them and gaining their unique perspective.

What is the only thing you want people to know about working
at Trupanion?

How wonderful the people are here. In the end, everyone at Trupanion shares a love for pets and wants to help cats and dogs get the best possible veterinary care.

  Discover how you can work from home in the pet industry with companies like Trupanion.

Working from home in the pet industry and helping dogs and cats every day

No matter what career path you may take, you can use your skills in different roles. Whether you love helping others, supporting teams or collaborating on a project, we appreciate the work we do for dogs and cats to get the medical care they need. !

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