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Workers Compensation Insurance for NJ Workers

Lyndhurst NJ Workers Compensation Insurance Services

As the name suggests, workers or employees are protected by Workers̵

7; compensation insurance. Employers are required to have this insurance in place, but you should be aware that it only covers an employee who becomes ill or injured on the job. Just being an employee does not mean you are covered, compensation is only available to you if you are injured or become ill while at work. If illness or injury occurs while you are off duty, you are not covered.

If you are taking a job in a hazardous environment, make sure the employer has workers’ compensation insurance in place. In general, all part-time and full-time employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation provides recovery of lost wages when you are unable to work due to an injury or illness that occurred while you were at work. If you are an independent contractor working for yourself, you must purchase your own personal workers’ compensation insurance. Bogle Agency Insurance is an experienced and trusted insurance resource that has been helping individuals and businesses with the right insurance coverage needed in NJ for many years.

Companies must have workers’ compensation insurance

All businesses that employ more than one person must have workers’ compensation insurance in place. If you are self-employed, you must purchase workers’ compensation insurance on your own. To reiterate what was previously discussed, you must become ill or injured while at work for this coverage to protect you.

Here to help you with workers’ compensation insurance

Bogle Agency Insurance offers a full range of insurance options for NJ business owners. Our focus is to guide you and ensure you have the right insurance coverage to run a business in NJ. If you are employed, our experienced and knowledgeable agents are available to answer all your questions regarding Workers’ Compensation Insurance and all other types of insurance. Working with a professional ensures you have a safe and well-informed workplace experience. If you have questions about Workers Compensation Insurance as an employer or as an employee, call us at (201) 939-1076 to speak with a qualified insurance specialist.

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