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Winter weather can mean frozen pipes!

With the colder weather approaching us, it is now an excellent time to learn more about how to avoid frozen pipes and the subsequent water damage that can occur if these pipes expand and crack. Even if sudden and unintentional discharge of water from the plumbing is covered by most homeowners' insurance, it is always better to avoid this event completely.

  Keep your home and pipes safe from the cold winter weather with these tips and homeowners from Gordon Insurance

To prevent frozen pipes:

  1. Keep the heat in your home to a minimum of 55ºF below bitterly cold conditions.
  2. Remember to use all your plumbing fixtures
    sometime during the day.
  3. Empty and then cover all external taps.
  4. Keep the taps indoors
    under slow drip to maintain water flow.
  5. If you experience a loss leading to water damage,
    turn off the water supply as soon as possible. Homeowners should also consult a water reduction specialist, such as SERVPRO to dry out your home properly before mold or mold can begin.

Be sure to check out this video from This Old House that we thought was helpful in checking and preparing your tubes

How to Prevent Frozen Tubes | This old house

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