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Why working parents need life insurance

Buying Life Insurance

If you're just starting to think about buying life insurance, it can seem overwhelming. You have lots of options.

For most families, a level insurance will be your best choice. It is the most affordable type of life insurance and highly customizable.

Term insurance is coverage that is valid for a certain period of time (called the term). As the end approaches, you have the opportunity to continue the coverage – at a higher cost – if you need it.

You choose how long you want the coverage to last. The terms range from 10-40 years, depending on your age.

You choose how much coverage you want to buy. This coverage amount is called the "death benefit" or "face amount". This is the amount of money that would be paid to your beneficiaries if you died during the period.

You can also choose to add riders to your policy that provide additional benefits. A popular rider for parents is the child rider.

A child rider is cheap and covers all your smaller children's lives with a small life insurance. The average cost for this rider is an additional $ 50 per year in addition to your life insurance cost. This $ 50 provides $ 1

0,000 coverage for all minors.

Should the worst happen, these funds can take care of a funeral and memorial service. A child rider also locks your child's future insurance if you or they later decide to turn the rider into a permanent life insurance. varies depending on factors such as your age, gender and health. The younger you are, the cheaper it is. The less health problems you have, the cheaper it is.

But even if you no longer feel invincible in your 20s, Quotacy can help you find an affordable policy. Most Americans overestimate the cost of life insurance by hundreds of dollars. Get a quote on life insurance. You may be surprised at how small financial protection costs are.

With Quotacy & # 39; s term life insurance quoting tool, you can easily and quickly get estimated prices. The tool also shows how the term length and death benefit affects the total cost. Simply move the sliders on the tool to adjust the insurance numbers.

 adjust term insurance in Quotacy life insurance quoting tool

Buying permanent life insurance

Buying life insurance is not an either or situation. Although life insurance is valuable and often the only type of life insurance a family needs, permanent life insurance can be extremely beneficial. It is not uncommon for families to buy a little of both.

Life insurance is ideal for income compensation. Get enough long-term insurance to cover the costs of the major ticket parts of life, such as your house and your child's college education.

If you want your family to receive a guaranteed payment regardless of when you die, then permanent life insurance comes into play. Although the cost of permanent life insurance is much higher than the cost of a term insurance policy, you probably do not need that much permanent coverage.

A small permanent life insurance policy can cover the cost of your funeral, end of life expenses and any remaining debts. Later in life, the policy can even build up enough cash value that you can access through policy loans. You can use the money from the cash value account in any way you want. If the death benefit is no longer a financial priority, you can even refrain from repaying the insurance loan. When you die, the insurance company takes what they owe from the death benefit before you pay your beneficiaries.

Permanent life insurance can be complicated. Go to our permanent life insurance page to learn more. If you are interested in purchasing permanent coverage, a Quotacy Advisor can provide you with customized quotes. , but they do many tasks for the family regardless. The work that a stay-at-home parent provides saves the family money by not outsourcing this information.

Daycare, childcare, transportation, cooking, cleaning — all of these are full-time jobs for many people. A home parent does all these jobs.

If a parent living at home were to die, the surviving parent would need to find the extra funds to seek help. Or the surviving parent would probably need to adjust their work schedule to accommodate everything the home parent once did.

Life insurance for a resident parent would give the surviving parent more flexibility to take time off. work to mourn and comfort the children. It would also enable the parent to seek help when he or she is back at work after the necessary leave.

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Do not wait to buy

At Quotacy we have worked with thousands of families of all kinds to find the best possible coverage for the family's goals. We can also help you.

Not sure what kind of life insurance makes sense to you? Talk to us! We are here to give you the facts you need to make an informed decision. Once you have made a decision, we will be your advocates and help you get the best possible coverage and keep you updated throughout the buying process.

Protect your family's financial tomorrow so you can embrace today.

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