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Why January is the best time to buy life insurance

With the stress of the holidays (and 2020 in general) behind you and the great open prospects of 2021 ahead, now is the right time to pause and consider … life insurance.

You see, we may be biased, but we think this is the best time to buy life insurance. Now we can just leave it – it seems obvious to us – but we suspect that you are the type who needs to be persuaded. If you do not know when to get life insurance, we are here to help you. So sit back, check out the healthy lunch you have decided to eat all year round and prepare to be very, very persuaded.

In this article:

It's January now. And now it's always time to buy life insurance coverage.

Fact 1

: You never get younger than you are right now. Fact 2: The younger you are, the cheaper life insurance is usually. This is because your general health is a big factor in determining the premium you will pay – and with level-set premiums (ie a premium payment that costs the same each month throughout your period), you want to lock in the lowest possible tax rate. Which leads us to fact 3: Nobody likes to pay more for something than they absolutely have to.

Do you see? Now it's time to start buying life insurance coverage. These are just facts.

New Year. New you.

We are not sure if anyone has said this yet, but … 2020 was a bit of a challenge. Unmatched, you might say. (And we did. A lot.) If you were not your best self, you would not be alone.

But it's ok. When we turn the pages of the calendar, the promise of a fresh start means that we can make better choices. Whether it's the decision to make wiser financial decisions or just to improve in general, a life insurance policy can play a key role in making these resolutions a reality. First and foremost, a life insurance policy is a cornerstone of long-term financial planning because it provides protection for your loved ones should the worst happen to you. Second, Haven Term policyholders also get access to Haven Life Plus, a driver of bonus features that include free services like Aaptiv, the mobile fitness app and LifeSite, a security service for your most important documents, passwords and more – each of which can make that Keep your 2021 resolutions a little less harsh.

2020 taught us that anything can happen

Look. We are optimistic about 2021. It is a coronavirus vaccine on the way; A difficult summer started a series of healthy conversations and forward-looking actions on race in America. And, of course, there is the prevailing feeling: How can this year get worse?

Unfortunately, you never know. Twelve months ago, it would have seemed absurd for our holiday cards to have pictures of our worm-carrying children next to Santa Claus behind plexiglass, but that was exactly what happened. Uncertainty is a part of life, and although we really hope that the pain of the coronavirus pandemic at this time next year is mostly behind us, there is always a chance that something else just as challenging will take its place. And, of course, the plague of racism in this country has persisted for centuries, and repenting systemic racism is a long-term project.

The point is that progress is not guaranteed and that longevity may not be around the corner. Part of living with this uncertainty includes preparing for unpleasant realities. This includes making sure you leave a safety net in case something unforeseen happens to you. Simply put, you do not know what tomorrow will bring, but life insurance provides financial protection that can help your loved ones afford the things you pay for here and now. Whether it's big expenses like a mortgage or just your regular food bill, there are many expenses that your family expects you to manage. Funeral expenses can also lead to large debts if your family or beneficiaries are not prepared. Do not leave them in the lurch by not planning for your absence. Make sure you have a death benefit that can help support your family if you are no longer with them.

Wow. It became quite real. Let's light it a little, right?

Life insurance is fun

Serious. You have been quarantined, created sourdough, worried about your finances and done your part to build a better community. Why not live a little? Getting life insurance is one way to do that. You get to answer some questions about your health and habits, you get to (safely) interact with a real person if a medical examination is required, and most importantly, you get the peace of mind that comes with taking care of your loved ones. If it does not discourage your heart, we do not know what will. (To be fair, life insurance is a lot of our thing.)

What do you do more in January, really?

It's January. It's cold. It is dark. You're still in quarantine. Maybe you're drying January … This is a long way to go to say that you might have some time on your hands. And what better use of that time than taking care of your loved ones.

Oh, and spoiler alert: It actually doesn't take that much time. Thanks to Haven Life's innovative technology, you can shop and apply for life insurance online in just a few minutes. Take care of it and you get the rest of the day to … um … make more sourdough?

It's still early, but there's a chance 2021 may be your best year so far. One way to start on the right foot is to take care of the things you intend to do for a long time. Like finally reading Moby-Dick or watching The Wire. Oh, and buy a life insurance policy that provides financial protection for your loved ones and peace of mind for you.

Hi, just because the holidays are over does not mean you can not give one last gift to yourself, right?


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