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Why it’s important to get life insurance when you’re young

When you’re young, you feel invincible—like nothing could ever hurt you. You’re less likely to consider life insurance, even though it’s the best time to get it. But you never know what will happen, and in my case, I’m glad I was prepared.

Life changing news

It was a sunny Saturday in August when I received a diagnosis that would turn my world upside down: Invasive ductile carcinoma in situ. Otherwise known as breast cancer. Triple positive. As a 29-year-old woman who was otherwise healthy with no predisposition or family history, this diagnosis was a huge shock.

After that it took off and I quickly established a course of treatment with a very high response rate. Knowing that I had a solid treatment plan and an incredibly large and amazing support team of family, friends and colleagues, I entered chemotherapy ready to kick the cancer. (I won̵

7;t keep you in suspense: I’m happy to report that I’m in remission and doing very well!)

One additional thing I had that gave me peace of mind was knowing that I had an ERIE life insurance policy with a Guaranteed Insurability Option (GIO) rider. You see, in the last two years I had done a lot: got married and bought a house. One of my first thoughts after my diagnosis was to make sure my husband and stepdaughter would be okay if something happened to me.

The things that matter

It seems like a simple thing to get insurance for your car and home (or apartment) but life insurance is much more difficult to discuss. Believe me, I understand. Most of us are so focused on living, we don’t think about (and don’t want to think about) what would happen if we weren’t here anymore. But I’m here to tell you that now is the right time to get life insurance—when you’re young and healthy.

More than your car or house, your life is your most important asset. So why don’t we protect it more? Life insurance can be confusing. This article with tips on how to buy your first life insurance can be helpful if you are looking for somewhere to start.

To protect my loved ones

Working for an insurance company definitely made me more inclined to get life insurance. I have worked for Erie Insurance since 2013 and was convinced by my agent to get term insurance in 2017 after moving into my first apartment.

As a 25-year-old woman, I got a 30-year policy with the GIO rider, which meant the great rates and good health I’d had were locked in for me. (I had to get a paramedic degree, which was much easier than I expected.) I had no idea that getting the GIO rider when I didn’t need it would work to my advantage less than five years later. After buying my home at age 27, my agent helped me get a second 30-year policy totaling $200,000 in coverage.

It’s so affordable: I pay less than $40 a month for two 30-year policies.1

Coverage that gives you peace of mind

I’m doing very well after completing the major milestones in my treatment – ​​chemotherapy, surgery and radiation – but cancer would have had a huge impact on my insurability if I didn’t already have a policy. (And it probably would have been pretty expensive – yikes!) Now I can focus on staying healthy and know that I can increase my coverage in the future and it will be easier on my wallet.

Lock in your peace of mind today with a guaranteed insurance option and life insurance with ERIE. Contact us today to discuss which type of life insurance is right for you.

Alexandra Witkowski is a marketing communications consultant working at Erie Insurance.

1Prices will differ depending on the selected period, policy type and individual rating criteria. Riders with guaranteed insurance options must be approved by the insurance company. Not available on all plans. Number 0-40 years. The option to add coverage is available when certain qualifying life events occur. Talk to your agent for rider specifications, option dates, availability, terms and conditions. Extra cost is added. The original purchase of the GIO rider is subject to warranty. ERIE® life insurance products and services are provided by Erie Family Life Insurance Company (home office: Erie, Pennsylvania). Erie Family Life Insurance Company is not licensed to do business in all states. Go to erieinsurance.com for business license information.

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