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When to change household appliances

  picture of a kitchen with household appliances When is it time to replace your household appliances?

At some point, every major device in your home needs to be replaced. Think about the cost of your refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, washing machine and dryer. These devices are not cheap but they are necessary, so many homeowners are looking to get the best for their money. Ensure that you keep your device in good condition is part of extending its life. Take a look at when regular home appliances need updating and warning signs to watch out for.

Washing machine

The washing machine should lie for about 8-12 years depending on how often you use it. Although there are many common washing problems that you can probably repair yourself, here are some warning signs that the machine is coming out.

  • Flushing leaks or drum does not completely fill with water
  • Dryer must not dry dry or have set itself on fire (may mean that the wires are faulty due to dry, cracked or peeling plastic coating around the lines).
  • The above device moves or makes excessive sound during its cycle.


Most of the time you should expect 8 to 10 years of reliable use from your dishwasher before problems such as uneven water flow, water pool, and inefficient cleaning are becoming apparent. Although dishwasher problems are quite common, most are easy to fix with a little DIY. If your dishwasher presents any of the following problems, consider looking for a replacement:

  • Turns off in the middle of the cycle
  • Does not completely fill with water or does not drain completely
  • Strong / noisy sounds come from the dishwasher when works – this may mean that the engine or pump needs to be replaced


Just because refrigerators contain fewer moving parts than many other kitchen appliances, they tend to have the longest life. On average, a good refrigerator holds about 12 years. Keep in mind that this appliance stores food and drink for consumption, so it is wise to agree. Here are some warning signs that it may need to be replaced:

  • The food does not get cold – the recommended temperature is between 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Too much condensation in the fridge, on the door or even frost in the freezer
  • The outside is hot and / or the engine is constantly running

Knowing these warning signs can help protect your home and appliances. Protecting your home comes easy to insurance personnel. Need help deciding which homeowners insurance to buy? Visit Abbate Insurance for your insurance policy in New Haven and nearby cities in Connecticut!

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