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When does the power cover, what does your HO policy cover?

  coverage for homeowners Storm damage is increasing rapidly. Power outages can lead to spoiled food. Increases can fry electronic devices and appliances. Freezing temperatures can lead to broken pipes and floods. The same wind that caused the power outage can also cause downed trees, broken fences and other damage.

When the power goes out, you may be left in the dark wondering if your homeowners insurance will cover you. The answer is – it depends. Here's what you need to know.

HO cover for spoiled food

Some homeowners' insurance policies can cover food that is destroyed during a power outage, but this depends on both the details of your insurance and the cause of the power outage.

If the cause of the power outage is a covered hazard according to your policy, the spoiled food that results can also be covered.

To prevent food loss, try to keep your refrigerator door closed during power outages. After a long break, check if the food has kept a safe temperature and throw away everything you are not sure about.

If food is destroyed and you think you may have coverage, be sure to document the loss before disposing of it. Take pictures and set aside receipts if you still have them.

HO coverage for power outages

Having no power is bad – but having too much power can be even worse. Current currents can damage or destroy expensive electronic devices and appliances.

If you experience a loss caused by a power monitoring, your home insurance can insure you. But as with spoiled food, there is a great deal of variation between policies, so you need to check your coverage policy for coverage and exceptions.

Power outages can be caused by lightning and they can also occur after power outages. Using surge protectors can help prevent injuries. You should also disconnect appliances and electronics during a power outage.

HO Coverage for Broken Pipes and Floods

Homeowners insurance usually does not cover flood damage caused by weather events. This requires a separate flood insurance. Homeowners can, however, cover broken pipes and associated water damage.

Damage associated with normal wear and tear or lack of maintenance is usually excluded from coverage. This means that if you have a leaking pipe that you do not fix, you will probably not be able to claim the damage or repair. However, if you experience a sudden burst pipe due to a severe storm, you may have coverage, depending on the details of your policy.

To prevent frozen pipes, consider adding insulation or heating tape. When the temperature drops, leave vulnerable taps dripping and leave the cabinet doors open to allow hot air to circulate.

HO Coverage for wind damage

Household insurance normally provides coverage for wind damage. This usually includes damage caused by fallen trees. Wind damage to roofs, fences and other structures can also be covered.

To prevent damage, have your roof inspected and repair damage as needed. Also have trees inspected and remove or cut down trees that may pose a danger as needed. When a severe storm is expected, remove or secure objects that could be a wind hazard.

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