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What to look for when buying a puppy from a breeder

  Read on to learn more about what to look for when buying a puppy from a breeder.

Getting a new puppy should be fun, exciting and well-planned
event in your family's life. For this purpose, it may be worth considering buying
a puppy from a responsible breeder. Responsible
Breeders are worth their weight in gold for new puppy owners. Fortunately, these
Breeders plan their breeding carefully, raise their puppies thoughtfully and
support their puppy families during the dog's lifetime.

As a new puppy owner, it can not be easy to know what to expect and get a puppy that is best for your family.

For example, a conservation breeder can help guarantee a dog's home for life. If the unexpected happens, they can even be a resource to reduce an owner's handover to a rescue or shelter.

If you are considering bringing a new pet, read on
read more about what to expect when buying a puppy from a breeder and tips to help
you and your family.

Tips to keep in mind when buying a puppy from a breeder

  Discover more tips to know when buying a puppy from a breeder.

Litter planning

Responsible breeders plan for their litters. In a few
cases, several future generations are considered when they are made specific
breeding decision.

Males (males) and females (females) are carefully selected to complement structure, temperament, health and other breed-specific goals.

Generally, they should be at least two years old when bred
age to guarantee the woman's physical and mental maturity.

In addition, health tests and test results are performed
completed. A breeding animal show, show and other titles are also
finished or in progress.

In many cases, these breeders will have a waiting list of future houses equal to the average number of puppies before they even start the breeding process.

  • Take the time to research the breed you choose, review websites and social media.
  • If possible, meet the breed and breeders at an event to see the dogs in action.
  • Make sure that the breed's temperament, size, coat handling and training needs are well suited for your family.

Thoughtful breeding

Breeders engaged in their breed and their puppies
Spend no less than eight weeks spending every possible waking hour that tends to
the needs of puppies and women.

Before breeding, breeders choose a woman with a stable
and stable temperament, so that it passes directly to the puppies in their

In addition, a quality diet, rapid masking, vaccination, socialization, regular handling and insurance coverage are important factors for your breeder to keep in mind when placing a dog in your home. life is the first eight weeks. In fact, many breeders exercise early neurological stimulation and active socialization for puppies. This technique can help expose puppies to odors, sounds, textures, temperatures, people and animals.

Research suggests that puppy brains are most adaptable and capable
to adapt to these introductions during their first four months of life. This was learned
Behavior can stay with the dog throughout its life.

  • Ask the breeders you visit about their puppy
    socialization routines.

24/7 Technical Support

Responsible breeders believe that the puppies they bring to this world are their life responsibility. They take your call, answer emails and messages and are open to communication.

Sometimes they can be distracted from the puppy or young
dog they bring up, but they are always happy to help. Often if they do not
know the answer to a question, they will find out and share it with you. Dr.
Google and keyboard warriors on social media are redundant when working with one
dedicated, experienced breeder.

The most important thing is that this breeder guarantees his puppies a
home for life. If your life changes, they will always be there for theirs
puppies and buyers. These breeders take the puppy back, no question asked.

Always keep in touch with your breeder. For example, pictures, stories and sharing your joy are what most breeders live for.

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