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What is no medical examination Life insurance and how to get it?

I'm sure you've heard several horror stories about how long it takes to get approved for life insurance or how inconvenient an insurance test can be.

But here's the thing:

In recent years, there have been lots of new life insurance companies with new technology that have made buying life insurance fast, easy and cheaper.

In this post today I will go through what is not a medical degree life insurance, how it works and why it is one of the best options for buying insurance today, either online or offline.

What is a medical examination for life insurance?

When applying for a traditional life insurance policy, you usually need to take out a life insurance policy.

Some of the most well-known medical research companies are ExamOne, Portamedic and EMSI.

One of these registered nurses comes out to your home or workplace and usually:

  • Have you signed your insurance application (if you have not)
  • Draw your blood
  • Take your blood pressure.
  • Check your height and weight.
  • Confirm your identity with your driver's license
  • Take a urine sample and
  • Perform a resting ECG if necessary (based on your age or previous medical condition) [19659016] When the examination is complete, the nurse sends the sample package to her perspective laboratory and notifies the insurance company that your degree has been completed and that your results are being processed.

    If it sounds like the above process may take a bit it is because it does, and traditionally you can look at another 3 to 4 weeks to get a response to your application if you need to complete a medical examination.

    But fortunately for you there is a much better alternative, and I discuss it below.

Life insurance made it easy.

Agents not required.

Get a quote and register online without talking to an agent. But we're here if you need us.

Indefinite, expert advice.

Get impartial insurance training from licensed experts and also avoid questionable sales calls.

Coverage in minutes.

You can get life insurance coverage within minutes of receiving your quotes and application.

What is No Medical Examination Life Insurance?

No Medical Examination Life Insurance is a life insurance policy that does not require you to take a medical examination to be approved for an insurance policy. This type of insurance has quickly become the best way to get life insurance, especially with the current pandemic.

How it works is simple when you apply for life insurance instead of requiring you to take a physical; The insurance company retrieves the following reports:

  • MIB – MIB, short for Medical Information Bureau, is a non-profit group of insurance companies that share insurance information to help them process your life insurance application. It shows information such as approval or rejection of life insurance during the past year; or even medical examinations you may have performed with other companies.
  • Intelliscript – This company is about your prescription drug history; just think of their report as a credit report for all the recipes you have filled out in recent years. This is important because even if you do not take a certain medicine, it will continue in your report if you fill in the prescription. This report is used to confirm which medications you are taking based on how you complete the application.
  • MVR – Your motor vehicle report is also used, and it is checked to make sure you do not have a risky lifestyle with things like DUI, DWI or too many tickets. Some companies will reject you for coverage if you do not have a valid driver's license. This means that if you currently have a temporary license, you should wait to apply for life insurance.

These reports were previously taken when the application was submitted, but newer companies pull them in real time when you fill out your life insurance application. online.

This process is called real-time insurance and it is relatively new in the life insurance space.

What is the goal of real-time insurance?

The purpose of real-time insurance is to give you an actual answer at the end of your life insurance application.

While answering the application questions, the insurance tool will ask additional questions to get the best possible coverage of who you are and your health.

At the end of the process you will get 1 of 3 results, which we list below:

  • Approved – If you are approved, your only next step will be to make the first payment, and your policy will apply . You will be able to make your payment directly with either a credit card or a bank draft. You will be covered immediately, and your plan will arrive via email.
  • Approved other than applied – This type of approval gives you the same results as being approved. But it comes with some kind of change; it may be that your premiums have increased based on the insurance decision or even decreased if you are super healthy. If you accept the new rates, you will usually sign the change and then make your payment.
  • Rejected – If you have been refused, it means that you do not qualify for life insurance without a degree from the specific company that refused you. Every company has its own guidelines for insurance, which is why it is important to apply for more than one company if you go without a degree. It is perfectly fine to have multiple life insurance policies.

What types of life insurance do not require an examination?

Although most websites only claim that there are two, there are some types of life insurance policies that do not require any examination, so we break them down below:

No examination (traditional)

A traditional "No degree policy only removed the requirement for you to complete a medical examination. You still had to go through the rest of the process with:

  • A possible telephone interview
  • Waiting for your doctor to submit your medical history records or one (APS)
  • Have your application reviewed by an insurer manually [19659047] Final decision

Even though it is much faster than a traditionally drawn plan, the whole process still puts you waiting about two weeks for a decision.

Simplified question Life insurance

A simplified question life insurance can be seen as an upgrade to a no physical insurance.

The advantages of this type of policy are that you:

  • No need to go to an exam
  • No medical records will be requested
  • You do not usually need to complete a telephone interview.

  • 19659054] Not so often will an insurer do a manual review.

The simplified issuance process allows you to be approved in as little as a few hours and as long as a few days.

If your policy is in insurance for more than a week, then you probably need to provide additional information.

Life insurance with direct approval

If you thought that simplified issuance was fast, life insurance with direct approval will blow you away.

The best thing about this policy is that:

  • It does not require a medical examination.
  • You do not need medical records from your doctor.
  • No telephone interview will be requested.
  • The application can be filled in 100% online with real-time insurance.
  • You will receive an immediate reply.
  • Coverage begins immediately with your first premium payment.

In my opinion, there is no better way to buy life insurance, and below we review some companies that offer this option.

Group life insurance

] Although it is perfectly okay to go to life insurance with your employer, I still recommend that you have insurance outside of work.

Most companies offer you only 1 times your annual income in life insurance coverage, which is not nearly enough for a family to survive if you pass away.

If you lose your job, you can not keep your policy for the most part.

The advantage of a group policy is that you do not have to worry about exams or anything for everyone to be classified together "as a whole." Usually your employer covers the cost.

Guaranteed question Life insurance (last resort)

A guarantee policy should be your last resort. This policy is best for people between the ages of 45 and 85 who, for health reasons, cannot obtain approval for a traditional life policy.

These insurances usually have a waiting period before 100% of the payment of benefits and are far more expensive than a traditional life plan.

The best way to avoid needing this type of insurance is to buy insurance when you are young.

How much life insurance can you get without a degree?

Most life insurance companies limit the amount of coverage they allow you to buy without a degree. In general, the limits are either $ 500,000 or $ 1,000,000 in coverage .

If you find yourself in need of more coverage than that, you may need to go the more traditional (medical examination) route of life insurance coverage.

I usually recommend between 10 and 20 times your annual income, so if you earn $ 50,000 a year, you need coverage between $ 500,000 and $ 1,000,000.

How much does no degree life insurance cost?

Because you are not required to take a medical examination and in some cases your medical records will not even be needed, the cost of a policy without a degree is usually higher than a traditional term policy that requires an examination.

That being said, policies do not cost much more than policies that require scrutiny; just look at the sample rate below, they are quite affordable:

No medical examinations Life Insuran CE quotes for women

* Prices are based on a 33-year-old woman in preferred non-tobacco health

Non -medical life insurance courses for men

* Prices are based on a 33-year-old man in preferred health who is not tobacco

Life insurance is made easy.

Agents not required.

Get a quote and sign up online without talking to an agent. But we're here if you need us.

Indefinite, expert advice.

Get impartial insurance training from licensed experts and also avoid questionable sales calls.

Coverage in minutes.

You can get life insurance coverage within minutes of receiving your quotes and application.

Who should not get any medical examination life insurance?

I will not admit to you that everyone should have a no degree policy or that everyone can even qualify for one.

However, there are a few people who should definitely examine a no degree policy first:

  • Young & Healthy People – If you are young and healthy, your first choice should be an option without a degree. You will be able to lock in your interest rate and complete the application process super quickly. There is really no need to take the test, and you will see that the courses are not worth the annoying process of completing an exam.
  • Busy people – The biggest problem I had over and over again when I tried to get busy people approved for a traditional policy that requires an examination is that they could never find time to see the doctor. Sometimes life is just so busy, and if you are in that position, you should go with a no physical policy.
  • Someone Divorced – When you get divorced, especially if you have children, there is usually a divorce decree that says you must have life insurance until your children get older. It is usually a required requirement, and it has a time limit on it. The faster, the better and no exam is the best option.
  • A person who hates needles – Seriously, there is absolutely no better option if you hate needles.
  • You want an SBA loan – If you apply for an SBA loan, they will require you to get a life insurance policy equal to or more than the loan amount you request. They will also make sure that the length of the insurance period is longer or matches the length of the loan.

Best Lifelong Insurance Companies Without Medical Examination

Check out our three best life insurance companies for no examination below. All companies offer a 100% online process; their prices and approval rates vary.

  donate logo
  haven life logo large
  fabric life new logo

Available for ages:

21 to 55 years old

Available for ages:

18 to 65 years old [19659114] Available for ages:

21 to 60 years old

Coverage amount:

$ 50,000 to $ 1,000,000

Coverage amount:

$ 50,000 to $ 3,000 Coverage:

$ 100,000 to $ 1,000,000

20 Years $ 250,000 Quotes:
$ 17.50 / month

20 Years $ 250,000 Quotes:

$ 18.90 / month [19659124] 20 Years $ 250,000 Quote:

$ 20.39 / month [19659128] Need more information? Check out our Bestow review

Need more information? Check out our Haven review

Need more information? Check out our Fabric Review

* Prices are based on a 35 year old male non-tobacco user with excellent health

While all three companies are a fantastic choice, if If you need less than $ 1 million, you should check out Bestow first.

Not only do they seem to have lower premiums, but you can also get approval much faster than with the other companies.

Can you get a permanent insurance without a physical one?

Yes, some companies offer traditional life policies that do not require a degree.

But for most people, I do not recommend full life insurance.

We asked over 40 personal finance experts if they would buy longevity or for life and why.

Suffice it to say; Lifetime insurance won by landslide.

Taking Measures

There is no need to wait to get a medical examination life insurance.

Now that the process of buying life insurance is much easier, more people (including you) should be covered.

If you understand your coverage needs, all that remains is to read some product and customer reviews and Apply Online.

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