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What is life insurance and who needs life insurance?

Who needs life insurance?

If someone relies on you for their standard of living, you need life insurance. Most people wait until they are married or own a home before buying insurance, but there is no life event that is best. The sooner, the better, because the cost of buying a life insurance policy will increase as you age.


Providing for your children is your number one job. If they are young, they cannot support themselves. Your income pays for the things they need to live and enjoy life.

If you died unexpectedly, your family would no doubt suffer emotionally. But with life insurance, they do not have to suffer financially either.

Thermal life insurance is perfect for young families. It is designed to provide protection during the most vulnerable years of your loved ones and then ends when you no longer need it.


If you build a life with someone, that person trusts you and your income to provide a standard of living.

Rental / mortgage costs, electricity bills, daily expenses and even pensions are provided for together . If your income suddenly disappeared, would your partner struggle?

Life insurance is perfect for protecting each other during your growing years.


A small business owner probably has not only loved ones who trust them, but also business partners, employees and customers.

Life insurance can be used in several ways for a business owner. Whether it is compensation for income for their family, key person insurance on an employee, financing of a buy-sell agreement or as security for a loan, life insurance is crucial for a small business owner.

People with shared debts

If you are married, you are likely to share debts with your spouse. But there are others to think about as well.

Co-signatories on loans, co-owners or account holders and spouses in community properties say that everyone can be responsible for your debt if you die and do not even realize it until they get a bill.

Life insurance can protect people who may inherit your debt.

People who may owe property taxes

If your property is large enough, your heirs can handle property taxes when you die. For 2021

, the federal property tax will pay off if you leave behind assets totaling more than $ 11.7 million. In addition, each state has its own property tax on top of the federal one.

Permanent life insurance is more ideal than life insurance if your property is larger than the exemption limit. Permanent life insurance can ensure that your loved ones receive an inheritance instead of the debt losing the property's assets.

Funeral and Funeral Costs

Do not forget the cost of a funeral when considering life insurance. Depending on your preferences, the average funeral costs between $ 7,000 and $ 12,000. Will this amount be a financial burden for someone you love? Do not forget to calculate funeral and funeral costs when applying for life insurance.

Who does not need life insurance?

If no one trusts you financially and if you have no debts, it would be someone else's responsibility, then maybe life insurance is not necessary. You may find it more meaningful to invest in stocks, bonds, savings and pension accounts.

Keep in mind, however, that the cost of buying a life insurance policy only increases as you age. So if you think you may need life insurance in the future, it may be wise to buy sooner rather than later.

How to buy a life insurance

With Quotacy by your side, it has never been easier or more affordable to buy life insurance.

Our lifetime insurance tool does not require any contact information in advance to see rates. This allows you to compare shopping in peace without being bombarded with sales calls before you are ready to apply.

When you are ready to apply, the online application is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Once you have applied, your Quotacy agent will review your application to ensure that the insurance company you selected when applying is best suited for your risk factors. We work with over 25 of the country's highest ranked life insurance companies and these companies may not see lifestyle and health information in the same light.

Comparative jumping is the best way to find the best price on life insurance. Quotacy trades the market for you at no extra cost.

If there is a life insurance company that is likely to process your application more favorably than the one you applied to, your Quotacy agent will notify you.

Pop on over to our quote tool to start shopping and financially protecting your family.

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