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What is credit life insurance?

Raise your hand if you are familiar with this saying: "You can't take you."

It is a saying that we all heard, probably many times, and it refers to things and riches we accumulate But technically it can also apply to debt.

Because the debt does not necessarily disappear when you disappear your debts still belong to your property, which means that your spouse and / or heirs may have to deal with them after you are gone.

Credit insurance is a tool that can help pay a debt. Mortgage insurance is a required form. Knowing that you are not leaving your loved ones with that debt is calming, but is credit life insurance the best option?

Here's what you need to know.

How does credit insurance company work?

Credit Life Insurance is a type of life insurance that is specially designed to pay a certain debt if the policyholder dies while the policy applies.

This type of life insurance is usually sold by banks and lenders. If you have ever applied for a mortgage, loan, personal loan or credit, you may have been offered a credit insurance policy.

For some of these policies, the character value is linked to the balance sheet on debt. When you pay down the loan, the nominal value of the policy is reduced. When you go away, the proceeds from the policy pay the remaining amount. Level death policies are available but tend to be more expensive.

Would you consider buying credit insurance cover?

The biggest advantage of credit insurance is that it will pay your debt when you go away. There are two reasons why this is good.

First, it can simplify what happens to your property when you die. Normally, your executor is responsible for finding out everything you own and all you owe, and then repaying any debts from your property assets. A credit insurance policy would keep the specific debt from being a drain on your property, possibly leading to more assets passing on to your heirs as part of your financial legacy.

Second, credit insurance can protect co-borrowers, joint account holders and / or your spouse if you live in a municipal property state. Usually, the individuals would be on the hook for shared debt, but a credit life policy could pay a covered debt.

Another good thing is that credit life insurance is generally not tied to your health. Unlike traditional life insurance, there is no health check to qualify. This coverage is entirely voluntary; You sign up for it or you don't.

Below, some credit insurance policies pay off the debt if the policyholder becomes suspended and can no longer work to make money.

You can buy credit life insurance even if you are not in good health so it can be a good option for a consumer with a medical condition that makes him / her incapable of life insurance at an affordable price (or at all). Potentially getting coverage for your full loan balance gives credit life insurance an edge over the most guaranteed issue of life insurance, which does not require a medical examination, but usually reaches the maximum of about $ 50,000 in coverage. Note that certain credit policy terms cover death benefit.

As with most things in life, you have to weigh for and disadvantages. Here are some possible disadvantages to weigh against these benefits.

Credit insurance cost against coverage

Credit insurance rates usually depend on the original loan balance, the credit credit you insure and the type of policy.

Credit life insurance generally costs more than maturity insurance

Most importantly, the price is usually much higher for credit insurance than for life insurance with a comparable death benefit If you choose credit life insurance over life insurance, you may end up with much less coverage for the same premium. You might get more for your money with a term life insurance instead. Why? Because credit life insurance is generally a guaranteed life insurance issue and all applicants are approved for coverage regardless of their health. With maturity insurance, you usually pay a lower tax rate than the guaranteed issuance policy because forward life insurance is a media tax, which means that your interest rate is based on the risk you place for the life insurance provider. The healthier you are, the lower your premiums are likely to be with life insurance.

Usually, credit insurance is not a separate invoice to pay. The premiums are added to your monthly loan. It keeps it simple, but the disadvantage is that the term length is often locked in and linked to the loan period. On some policies, a single lump sum is added for credit insurance to your initial loan balance. In this case, your coverage may cost even more because you pay interest on your premiums for the lifetime of the loan.

With a maturity insurance you can choose a coverage period, usually 10, 15, 20 or 30 years, and if the policy is level premium, the premium will be the same until the end of the coverage period.

Credit insurance is associated with a decreasing nominal value

With most credit life insurance nominal value decreasing steadily over time when you pay the loan. In essence, you pay the same premium for less and less coverage as time goes by.

Credit insurance is not the same as decreasing life insurance. The latter types of policy are not tied to a particular debt and are usually between 1 and 30 years, with a death benefit that decreases at predetermined intervals. At the date of purchase, a declining life policy may be cheaper than a life insurance policy at an even level with the corresponding death benefit at the start of the insurance. But over time, you can find that you pay more for your coverage than you would with a level-limited policy with a comparable (or possibly higher) death benefit, depending on your age and health.

Credit insurance is limited in how benefits can be used

Another disadvantage: Credit insurance is not intended to wipe out all your debts. This type of coverage is usually linked to a single mortgage loan as a mortgage or other personal loan. You need to check with each lender you borrow to find out if the coverage is available and how much it costs.

Thereafter, the general income is generally not paid to your recipients. Instead, revenue goes directly to your creditors. There is no flexibility in how the policy can be used. You may not think about it if your only goal is to pay off your debt. But if your loved ones prefer to pay another debt first, or if you want to leave them with financial resources and the flexibility to use the money against the expenses of their choice, credit insurance will be short.

Why the Term Life Insurance Can Be a Better Choice

Depending on how much purchase they have taken and the number of obligations that the beneficiary can provide, the maturity can be sure to fill in the gaps that credit insurance can leave. 19659002] While a maturity policy can be safely used to help pay off debts, including student loans, credit cards, or other non-credit insurance liabilities, your beneficiaries may also otherwise enter the revenue. For example, your spouse can use the term life insurance to:

Term life insurance is adaptable to what your family needs. When you leave, the political income is paid directly to the recipients. They can decide how best to use the money.

Unlike credit insurance, neither the nominal value nor the premium amount of a maturity insurance with level premiums will change during the term. You also choose the term that suits you, even if it does not match the number of years left on a particular loan.

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Life insurance credit insurance cost

Free life insurance is generally most affordable when you are young and healthy than life insurance credit.

For example, a 30-year-old man in excellent health may receive a 30-year, $ 500,000 home-time policy issued by MassMutual for as little as $ 22.48 per month. The same 30-year-old would pay $ 30.83 per month for life insurance credit on a loan with a starting balance of just $ 50,000, according to the state of the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions. That's just one tenth of the term life insurance in the example above, for about the same price.

You may be able to find credit insurance with lower premiums, but it is a good idea to carefully review and compare your options Over time, you may find that you can get more coverage and pay less with life insurance, if approved.

Running the Life Cycle Numbers

Getting long life insurance can be meaningful if you are insurable, you want to give your loved ones a financial safety net that will not diminish in value over time, and it can potentially do more for them than just pay off debts. If you are on the fence about the term life insurance compared to life insurance, calculate how much life insurance you need. Then estimate your policy levels to see how much you can pay for your coverage. In the long run, you can find that the term life insurance can be a smarter and cheaper alternative, and at least you get an easier time determining which one works for your situation.

Rebecca Lake is a freelance writer specializing in personal finance and small business. She lives on the North Carolina coast with her two children.

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