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What is a condominium insurance and what does it cover?

Ohio homeowners insurance is what is commonly referred to as a “package” policy, meaning it includes coverage for both property (Section I of the policy) and liability (Section II of the policy). Although it is easy to imagine what the property part covers (the house and the contents inside), it may not be as easy to find out what the homeowner’s liability insurance covers. This article provides explanations and examples of typical coverage under homeowners liability insurance.

Section II coverage:

Personal credibility

Personal liability is paid if you are legally responsible for causing bodily injury or property damage to someone else or their property. This would also include court costs (such as defending a trial). Here are some examples.

  • You are hosting a pool party and a guest is injured while swimming.
  • At the same party, you serve alcohol to your guests. One of the guests has a little too much to drink and drives home and causes an accident. This is called liquor liability and can be included.
  • You play golf and it ends up with your record hitting a nearby house and causing damage (playing on the fact that you did not realize that this qualified …)
  • Your dog gets loose and runs into the road and a passing vehicle hits it. Any animal can qualify here, as long as you own it.

Medical payments

Medical payment protection, in my opinion, is an unsung hero in the insurance world. Its sole purpose is to provide readily available coverage to pay for medical bills for a visitor to your home, no matter who is at fault.

A classic example is this: your friend stumbles and falls in or around your house. Medical payments go in and pay medical expenses for that accident, up to the limit.

Loss assessment

The damage assessment protection pays for any assessments that are charged to you as the owner or tenant of the listed premises by your homeowners or apartment association. Many associations charge a fee to belong to and in exchange for that fee provide a variety of services such as lawn and snow removal. You also have access to common areas that the association owns, such as a gazebo, clubhouse or pool.

The association has its own insurance that covers what the association owns. As with many insurances, there are deductibles for different insurance items. When reporting a claim, the association will often charge a certain amount to each member, and that amount goes to the claim. It is a way for the association members to pay their share of the claim.

We are referring here to liability claims, but remember that damage assessment can also apply to property claims.

Additional coverage that may occur under Section II ̵
1; Liability

Water scooter responsibility

In some cases, Ohio homeowners liability insurance will extend to a jet ski. However, engine size, engine type and length will usually determine if there is automatic coverage. Common restrictions include 25 hp or less, less than 25 feet long and outboard engines only. Never assume – talk to your insurance agent to see if you have any liability protection for your boat. If it is not available then boat / jet ski insurance would be the solution.

Motor vehicle

Before you get excited, please know that I’m NOT talking about ordinary, private cars. I’m talking about special vehicles like Gators, ATVs or low – power prams (think Barbie Jeep). There CAN be some coverage, BUT there are several rules, such as registration, use of vehicles and where it is driven (on a residential property or road?)

I mention this just to let you know to ask if you have coverage or if you need a separate policy for these items. It is better to know BEFORE the complaint, because after is too late.

Personal injury

This may or may not be included as a standard part of the policy, so do not assume that it is. Question. If it is not standard, it is usually available by recommendationfor a small premium.

Personal injury pays for damages that you are legally obliged to pay as a result of any of the following-

1. libel, slander or libel of a nature;
2. false arrest, unlawful deprivation of liberty or imprisonment, intentional prosecution;
3. discrimination on the grounds of race, religion or any other protected class;
4. improper entry or eviction, invasion of privacy;
5. electronic aggression, including cyberbullying, committed through technology or social media by “anyone we protect” under the age of 18; or
6. humiliation caused by any of these.

While this is not a comprehensive list, we hope this helps you think about your own homeowners insurance in Ohio. Ask YOUR insurance company or agent when you are unsure! Want to see what we can do for you? Call us at (937) 592-4871 or fill out the form below.

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