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What happens if my car breaks down – How does insurance work in this situation?

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<p><strong><span style= How does car insurance react when your car is broken into

Damage to your car would fall under the car insurance policy and only with respect to a specific coverage, comprehensive (sometimes called other than collision).

Among many, extensive coverage also includes vandalism. And this would clearly be a case of vandalism. Extensive is subject to a deductible, so it is best to get an estimate of the damage to see if there is enough for a claim. For example, your comprehensive deductible is $ 500. The damages are only $ 750. You can decide NOT to file the claim because it is not much more than the deductible.

Another note: custom sound systems are often popular in vehicles and an object thief LOVES to steal. This is a sound system that did NOT come with the vehicle but was installed at a later time. Most car insurance policies are designed to cover the vehicle as it comes from the manufacturer. Since stereo systems on the market are usually not covered, or if they are, they only depend on how they are mounted in the vehicle. So contact your agent so that you are not surprised at the time of injury! If you need coverage, it can be added for an extra premium.

OK, so we have discussed the damage to the car and how insurance would come in. How about the things that were stolen?

Unfortunately the insurance is not designed to cover anything that is NOT related to the vehicle. Personal items such as a handbag, book bag or other household items are NOT covered. To get coverage for these items, you need to go to your homeowner (or tenant) insurance company. policy all three have coverage C- personal property. What is personal property? I always tell people "If you turn your house or your apartment upside down, that's what falls out."

Most homeowner policies extend coverage to personal property outside the home. So your personal things that were in your car? Covered! (when in doubt, ask your agent!)

Personal property is subject to a deductible, so you must list what you lost to see if it is worth claiming. And some types of personal property also have amount limits (for example, jewelry is often limited to $ 1,000).

So what is the end result?

In such a situation, it is quite possible that you have two claims. from the same event. One for the car damage and the other for the stolen items.

It also means two deductibles.

Again, most people decide whether or not to file a claim based on the total amount of damages. I would say that there is usually more $ damage to the vehicle than $ stolen amount, so it is more likely that the car insurance claim will come in (broken glass, body damage, etc.).

In summary, comprehensive coverage on your car insurance will cover damage to vandalism / theft. Homeowners insurance handles stolen personal items.

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