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What do we look like? | Central insurance

Today we are pleased to reveal an updated brand identity for Central Insurance, including an updated logo and a new tagline: Excellence is our policy.

These four words embrace the most basic of our core values ​​as a company, and honor the trust you place in us every day.

This was not a change we took lightly. Like everything we deal with, we approached our brand update with the mindset that everything that is worth doing is worth doing well.

Our new brand is needed to capture the essence in Central. We wanted to make everyone – no matter where they were – feel the same way they would go into our home office: impressed, maybe a little surprised and happy about the future. And then, when former President Bill Purmort started the process of evaluating our brand identity in 2019, he began to turn to the people who embody our values ​​the most: our team members and our agents. We talked a lot with both and revealed the qualities that they thought were really central in Central.

What we found was not a surprise. Our culture, our relationships and our commitment to quality – these are the keys to our success. When former CMO and current President Evan Purmort adopted the 2020 rebrand initiative, one thing became clear: excellence is not just our goal, it is our policy.

Whether it adopts new technology or takes our customer service to the next level, we are always looking for ways to enhance the experience for our policyholders and agents. This update is a chance to match our brand with the high service caliber we have offered for more than a century.

So what can you expect with the launch of our updated brand? First, our updated logo, as well as a new logo for the myCentral app, will be incorporated into your central experience. You will also see that our new tagline is in the center.

Going forward, we can have a new look, but you can be sure that our long-standing and unwavering commitment to integrity, relationships and excellence is something that will never change. It is the core of everything we are, everything we do and everything you can continue to expect as a valued member of our central family.

For more than 140 years we have honed our craft, taken care of the details and never contented ourselves with second class. As a result, Central Insurance provides coverage that agents are proud to carry and customers request by name. What we do we do well – for excellence is our policy.

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