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What a winter job at Haven Life really is

You know what winter is. You know what an internship is. So chances are you have a pretty good guess as to what a winter job is.

Well, you're half right.

Yes, a winter job is an internship that takes place in the winter. But what makes a Winternship special – what makes it worth the capital "W" – is that it is part of a program by Break Through Tech, an organization that helps people from under-represented groups, including women and first-generation college students, to gain a foothold in technology. It turns out that while 58% of all college degrees are awarded to women, less than 2% of women study computer science and related disciplines. Programs like this help to correct that imbalance.

Haven Life is proud to have partnered with Break Through Tech for the third winter in a row, bringing the same commitment to mentorship and community that we brought to this winter's non-pandemic era. It's not a coincidence ̵

1; this winter our intern was Zack Shinkar, an insurance developer, and a former intern himself. With their guidance, the team created a new platform that was intended to help us employees before boarding, which we hope to be able to use in the near future.

But do not take our word for it. Before this season's interns returned to CUNY, we asked for their sincere feedback in a series of exit interviews. Their thoughts were helpful to us in how to make this program as good as possible – it turns out that even superstar trainees appreciate talking about imposter syndrome – and we thought they would be helpful to anyone considering a technical internship in general or insurtech specifically. Or someone who just wants to find out why an intern says Haven Life is like a fruitcake. (Interested in having a similar experience? Of course you are. Read more about future opportunities, including upcoming internships, here.)

In this article:

Cherry He

What was your favorite part of the internship?

I liked the session we had on fraud syndrome. This was the first time I heard the speech, but I felt it before. No one has ever talked to me about it.

What do you think of the general guidance we have given, apart from your specific work?

I really liked having a friend – we talked about more than just our project. She gave me advice on lessons I should go to school and how I could get into her position one day. She helped me consider what I want to be in the future and also showed me that I have many options in the future, such as high school.

I also thought I did not like working in groups – the results in school projects have not been the best. My experience as a developer here has been different. It showed me that it can be good to work in groups, and it is really necessary to work like this to work as a developer. This experience has changed my perspective on how a software developer works.

What has been your favorite value for Haven Life?

We Matter to each Other. During my time at Haven Life, I felt that value very closely in our team. The work and effort that we put in is important for the company. How we treat each other matters. I see that the company interacts with every employee with respect. Everyone matters here.

Nicole Juarez

What was your favorite part in practice?

Definitely worked on our project! I also really enjoyed lunch and lessons, especially those who practice syndrome and being a woman in technology. I thought these were helpful in preparing us for the reality of starting careers in technology.

What is one or two words you would use to describe Haven Life?

Fun and comforting. You get to be yourself around most individuals here.

What was your favorite value for Haven Life?

We are important to each other. Many organizations overlook their employees, but at Haven Life I could see that everything is a team effort to drive things forward. Everyone tries to get to know each other to build a better team environment.

Haseeb Khan

How would you describe Haven Life's culture?

Warm and welcoming. No one saw us as just interns who would leave in a few weeks. They invested time in us and explained things in depth. Haven Life is a small organization – there are many things you can do based on what you are interested in because there is not much bureaucracy.

What was your favorite part in practice?

I really enjoyed meeting my friend! Having a friend helped my nerves to start an internship. We would catch up every week and I really liked the advice I got from talking to him.

How would you describe Haven Life in one or two words?

Fruitcake. Everyone in Haven Life is unique. There is the Haven Life package that brings everyone together, but everyone is also an individual – the pieces of the fruitcake. Even though everyone did something similar, they had their own specialty or something unique with them, which makes them stand out.

“No one saw us as just trainees who would leave in a few weeks. They invested time in us. ”

—Haseeb Khan, Wintern

Nowshin Sayara

How would you describe Haven Life's culture?

Cooperation, very kind and helpful. Everyone is there for you, if you need help or just want to talk.

What was your favorite part in practice?

I loved working with my team. Everyone was fantastic and helpful. Even though it was virtual we could connect and it felt like a group. I have friends who interact elsewhere who felt that they did not get in touch with their groups in the same way as I did.

What did you think of your team leader's communication style and check-in frequency or infrastructure? process?

The daily ups and downs were helpful. There were times when my team and I stayed in conversation for hours to make us feel like we were sitting with each other. This also made the work we did feel like teamwork – I felt connected to my team.

Taz Zahid

How would you describe Haven Life's culture?

The culture exceeded my expectations. I practiced at a large international company before – I felt that the culture there was super company and serious. I was anxious to go into this practice, because in the past I have really been forced to put my best foot forward. Also, I was nervous because things were remote. But I thought the culture here was super light and really welcoming. I thought that the work environment here was also more cooperative than at my second internship.

I was also very worried about entering the adult world. I thought working here would be boring, but Haven Life really puts employee well-being here first. I did not expect a technology company to react as Haven Life did during the storm at the Capitol. When we received an email from the CEO confirming what was happening, I thought it showed attention to people's well-being here that I had not expected.

Institutions of which I have been a part have more often cared most about their product and goals. But I saw that Haven Life puts people first.

What would you change in practice?

Make it longer! I really mean it when I say I like the atmosphere of the company, and I wish I could have spent more time here!

What was your favorite value for Haven Life?

I really liked Haven Life's value of building things that way. Especially in STEM / technology, people are so focused on doing things to do them. I feel that this value strikes a more human aspect when it comes to building something. This ensures that you do not just get lost in the workflow. You get to see a bigger picture of how what you do affects people. I like it!

Any advice for people who might be considering an internship at Haven Life?

Do not stop asking questions. Stay curious. Have fun. Do not be afraid to communicate.

  Jaime Ballesteros

About Jaime Ballesteros

Jaime Ballesteros joined Haven Life's recruitment team in December 2020. In his work, he focuses on running Haven Life's early talent programs and employment for full-time roles throughout the company. Jaime began her career as a high school teacher of chemistry. His passion for improving the performance of young people and increasing their access to opportunities has led him to campus and diversity recruitment in financial services and technology.

Read more by Jaime Ballesteros

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