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Uses clamps and non-slip straps as an FXG or AMZ contractor

When the winter months are on the way, the ice and snow can make slippery stairs and icy walkways for FXG or AMZ delivery drivers. As an independent FXG or AMZ contractor, it is important to ensure that you equip your team properly with the necessary tools they need to stay safe and reduce the risk of a worker's compensation. At the Paradiso Insurance and Parcel Safety Program, we are dedicated to helping you do just that. Today we want to discuss with you the importance of using ice clefts and non-slip grip tape within your company and how it can help prevent future workers' compensation.

Order Ice Cleats

Slipping and falling accidents are one of the most common claims we see here at Paradiso Insurance. Therefore, we recommend that all our customers use ice blocks for all their delivery drivers. Many times our customers are worried about the cost of buying bricks for each of their drivers, especially for larger fleets. To combat this, we recommend that you buy one ice clamp per truck in your fleet. We recommend and have specific links to products that fit universally, so no matter who drives the vehicle, you have peace of mind that they have the equipment they need to be safe. The clamps we recommend are universal in size and fit, so there is no need to collect all your drivers' shoe sizes. Call us or send a message here and we will be happy to send you the links to buy our recommended ice blocks.

Use grip tape!

Another good way to reduce slipping and falling accidents is to use grip tape. Grip tape is a small investment that can save both headaches and money resulting from workers' compensation. Many drivers slip and fall due to various weather conditions, including moisture, rain, sleet or snow. Installing the grip tape correctly on all your vehicles can make a world of difference to your driver's stability. We recommend this to each of our package supplier customers. For more information on how to install the grip tape properly, call us or send a message here, and our team will be happy to give you more information.

  Grip tape


Weather conditions can be dangerous in the parcel delivery industry and at Paradiso Insurance we want to arm your team with everything we can to provide the safest possible working conditions. Using both ice clips and grip tape is an easy and cost-effective way to keep your team safe and keep workers' compensation claims low. For more information on how to keep your drivers safe or for questions about your employees' comp coverage, call our team at 860-453-0116 or send us a message here and our licensed professionals will be happy to help you! [19659010] Since 2011, we have had the same goal: to keep employees safe and to keep insurance premiums low.

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