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Travel interruption coverage

Are you going on summer vacation soon? There is never a better time of year to take a few days off, put your family in the car and go out to see what the world has to offer! Just do not forget to protect yourself on the road.

What do we mean by that? We thought you would never ask!

We know that family travel is not always a perfect postcard image. We encounter problems all the time, from dad forgetting his luggage to the children eating the wrong snacks at the rest station. And we can not forget the most dreaded holiday problem of all: car problems. Many family vacations are ruined every year by the family car breaking down. Instead of a fun trip to the Grand Canyon or Shipshewana, you look at a hotel in the middle of nowhere while the car is parked in a local store, completely impassable.

As if that were not bad enough, you are also out a few hundred dollars on all the extra expenses that come with a mechanical or electrical breakdown, such as hotels and meals and even transportation. If only you had something that could protect you in this situation.

Well, we have your solution!

Auto Guard acts as travel insurance for your vehicle. It pays for accommodation and meals if your vehicle is not legally drivable for 24 hours. It also covers transportation costs caused by breakdowns, up to $ 200 per day (maximum $ 600), as long as your breakdown is 1

00 or more from home and is related to a mechanical or electrical problem. An ordinary car insurance does not cover these extra expenses. Although the cost of repairing mechanical and electrical problems is still your responsibility, we can help you with the extra costs that arise when your car breaks down far from home when you add this improvement to your insurance.

The best part? This coverage can be added to your insurance for $ 20 or less per car and year.

This means that for less than $ 20 a year, you get the peace of mind you need to have all the fun in the family you want. This means that a banknote of 20 USD or less can give you more fun and less stress. This means more beautiful memories with the people who mean the most in your life.

Let’s face it: family vacations are not always perfect. Sometimes they are stressful and full of “think again”. Let’s take care of some of that stress while you return to having fun by adding travel interruption protection to your car insurance.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Auto Guard Travel coverage, as well as many of our other auto coverage enhancements.

Contact your Pekin insurance agent for more information.

Happy Holidays!

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