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Top ten distracted driving habits

You are sitting by a light that turns green. The car in front of you is not moving.

You drive behind someone who starts to turn into another lane and then they straighten up quickly.

You ride a shotgun and you notice that the driver in the car next to you is typing away on his phone.

Every time you get behind the wheel, there is a possibility that a distracted driver will share the road with you. According to the CDC, nine people are killed and 1,000 injured every day due to distracted driving crashes.

What are the biggest distracted driving habits? Here are the top ten, according to How Stuff Works.

1. Eat and drink

When you are constantly on the go, try to find all the free time you can to devour lunch or drink your morning coffee. What if the coffee flows into your lap when you sit behind the wheel? Wait until you are parked to eat.

2. Make-up or care

You got up late, and you did not have time to put on your lipstick or hair gel. That mirror on your fold-down visor becomes your make-up mirror, and you take your eyes off the road. It̵

7;s not worth playing. Spend 30 seconds in the parking lot to get ready to enter the office instead of driving distracted.

3. Take care of your pets

Your dog may not be aware of the dangers of distracted driving. When it starts barking or wandering around in your vehicle, it does not understand that it can make you lose focus while driving. Pets should be secured as well as they can be before driving.

4. Look at the children

Much like pets, children may not understand that their behaviors can get mom and dad distracted while driving. If Jimmy and Jenny yell at each other in the back seat, find a good place to stay before trying to resolve any conflicts.

5. Driving when you are drowsy

Maybe you did not get much sleep and the sun strains your eyes. Maybe it’s midnight and you’ve been driving since morning. As much as you try to stay awake, it just will not happen. If you can, stay in a hotel or get some caffeine pumped into your system.

Quarrel with entertainment and electronics on board

You have just finished your favorite album and you are starting to mix through your phone for more music. It may take several seconds to find it. It’s time not spent looking at the road. There is nothing wrong with entertainment systems in the car, but it is best to practice self-control when using them.

7. Look at road edges

It could be a sign, or it could be the Grand Canyon. Road edges make our eyes look at anything but the road. You can always stay to enjoy the view!

8. SMS and update of social media

It’s the 21st century and we’re all glued to our phones. It only takes about five seconds to look down at your phone and answer a text message. Although it may not seem like much, you can cover a good deal of distance during that time. Fortunately, technology companies make it easier to listen to text messages and respond by voice. When it comes to social media, it can wait until you are ready to drive.

9. Daydreaming

Driving is a good time to gather your thoughts and clear your mind, but when you exaggerate, do not focus on the road. Make sure you are focused on the path, and if your thoughts are too much for that, consider pulling the path to think.

10. Talking on the phone

Did you know that using a handheld OR hands-free phone can impair a driver’s reaction in the same way as having reached the legal alcohol limit? While hands-free devices are much better (and the only legal way to talk on the phone when driving in many states), they can still impair your cognitive ability when you need to react quickly to something.

We are all humans. There is a good chance that you know that these are happening to you daily. The more you can avoid driving distracted, the safer you are behind the wheel.

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