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Top 5 reasons why people do not buy life insurance

Cause # 1 – "I get to it" and never do – TRUE story

I do not even remember now how the news came. It's really irrelevant. One of our clients, died at 54. Had a heart attack while sleeping. Just like that. Away. (important to note – there were no early indicators. He had just had a full blood test that checked out well and had lost 20 pounds).

When I reviewed some client notes, I saw it. A life insurance proposal from last autumn. You see, the client had requested the proposal. He had no life insurance and decided it was time to get serious about supporting his family.

But as is too often the case, he did nothing about it. He left it for later. And later arrived too early.

He did not have life insurance because he fell victim to the "I will get around it" mentality

Fast forward a few days after the funeral and his widow came to the office to make necessary personal policy changes.

She sat down in front of me and said, “I stuck to the life insurance proposal you sent Bill. I kept asking him to get it done and he kept putting it off and putting it off …

So I asked her, "Did he have any coverage through his employer?" The answer was no.

Then I asked, "So you have nothing to fall back on?"

She replied, "I have no income. Nothing. And the only thing I can sell to get some money is his car."

Sitting there with her and listening to her story was one of the hardest things I did. has ever done.

Because the story could have had a different result. A more positive.

And next year the story continued to get worse ̵

1; she sold her house and moved in with her adult daughter.

"I come to it "mentality is a very common reason for people not to have life insurance. But not, as it turns out, a fantastic.

Cause # 2- Nobody likes to think about his or her death

Well , NOBODY likes to think about death, let alone their own. It's depressing, it's sad and scary. But people, we have to face the facts. It's going to happen.

Let's admit that no one comes out of this. the world alive and that the reason we buy life insurance is to help d e left. This is a good reason to buy life insurance.

Cause No. 3- You do not want to undergo a medical examination

Yes, many people prefer SOMETHING to a medical meeting. However, the life insurance test (called a paramedical exam) is quite simple. I just went through such an examination and it took about 30-40 minutes on a Saturday morning. A nurse came to my house. She gave me the test cup and asked me to fill it and send it back. Quite simply. I HATE that I draw blood and break out in cold sweat, but that was no big deal. She was gentle and it was quick and easy. I also had to take my height and weight, my blood pressure and oxygen content in the blood were measured and had to answer some additional medical historical questions. I had worked it out to be LONGER worse than it really was. I survived. And so will you.

And note – a paramedic exam is NOT always required. It depends on your age and the insurance amount requested. So do not assume you need one.

Cause No. 4- I already pay for so many other insurances

No one likes to pay premiums. Yes, me too. I often hear from customers that they are "poor in insurance". But the younger you are when you buy life insurance, the lower the premium. Fact. And when you are young, the monthly cost is probably what you would pay for a few dinners out there. Not a big victim. Not for what you are trying to achieve. And even when you are older, the better health you are, the lower the premium. So it's not impossible.

And NO ONE likes to pay premiums for something they will not use. But reality check time – the policy is not for you. Has never been. It will never be. It's for those who are left.

Cause No. 5- When you try to determine the "right" amount of life insurance, you end up not choosing anything

Think about this – Some amount is better than nothing. Looking back on reason # 1 above, do you think my client would have been happy with $ 25,000? Of course she would have. $ 25,000 would have given her about half of her husband's salary and would have been able to pay running costs while she was looking for a job. Do not be paralyzed when trying to make a decision. Again, everything is better than nothing. Make a choice and move on.

All of the above reasons are excuses. Light and simple. Do not buy into the excuses. Buy into the solution.

If there is someone in your life you care about and who will have to pick up the pieces after you are gone, you need life insurance. Period. Again, this may be just a small policy for final expenses, but it is something to get them over the hump that will be caused by your absence.

If you need to take the first step towards getting life insurance, call us today at (937) 592-4871 or fill out the form below. We are happy to help you find a solution that is practical, helpful and affordable.

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