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Tool contractor ordered to pay for excavations

The Health and Safety Committee issued a final decision on Tuesday after an administrative judge ruled that a subcontractor would have to pay a $ 36,000 fine for two violations, including a repetition of the Health and Safety Act

I Secretary of Labor, SJ Louis Construction of Texas Ltd. ., A division of SJ Louis Construction Inc., Rockville, Minnesota, ALJ decided that SJ Louis failed to construct a dig in Cypress, Texas, in accordance with the OSHA regulations. and failed to give employees proper exit.

On March 3, 2016, a security supervisor and healthcare officer noted an open excavation and observed a foreman of SJ Louis who looked at two employees who were installing cathode wires to a water height that the company had previously installed as part of a larger project for West Harris County. Regional Water Authority. Supervisor observed several excavations of excavation and excavation standards, including lack of proper entrance / exit from the dig and lack of conforming excavation walls to protect against caves and issued a citation. SJ Louis questioned the quote.

The compliance officer argued that the company failed to provide an adequate ladder, staircase or ramp for workers to leave the 8-foot deep gate or an adequate system to protect passengers in the ditch. He also testified that he made sure that employees were trying to leave the excavation by moving up a slope, stepping on a bench and then using their hands to drive up the remaining 3-foot wall. ALJ found that the employees "used several surfaces and means to climb out of the excavation, neither of them qualifies, either individually or in tandem, as a ramp."

ALJ further determined that "as a result of" unsafe means to get out of the excavation "employees could potentially have been exposed to slipping and fall risks as well as potential excavation risks and found that SJ Louis had real knowledge of the state. The ALJ further claimed that this violation was a repeated quote, since SJ Louis had been quoted in 201

2 to expose employees to dig into risks while working in an unrivaled dig, although the excavations varied deeply. the court rejected SJ Louis & # 39; the reasoning that the difference with the excavations was "significant" to escape a repetition rat.
ALJ therefore assessed a fine of $ 6,000 for the exit violation, and a fine of $ 30,000 for violation of the repeat limit.

SJ Louis did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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