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Tips for preventing truck slip, travel and falls

Trucking is notoriously known for being a dangerous profession, in addition to accidents that occur on the roads, travel, slips and falls account for a large number of injuries at work. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the majority of non-fatal injuries to truck drivers are not the result of transportation incidents.

Although accidents do occur, many of these incidents can be prevented by minimizing the risk of falls. Investing in truck drivers and providing appropriate training, fitting vehicles with the right equipment and maintaining trucks can go a long way in creating a safe working environment, preventing unnecessary accidents and reducing injuries.

Tips to prevent slipping, tripping and falling at work

Prevention is better than curing with these injury prevention suggestions. Keep reading for a list of handy tips to keep truckers on their feet and stop injuries that result from a fall.

Investing in the right shoes

More often than not, when truck drivers are not driving, they are on their feet. Whether they spend long nights driving between places, climbing in and out of truck equipment, or walking around shipyards, rain or snow, trucks get on their feet to get the job done.

As a result, it is important to invest in the right shoes. Flip-flops or cowboy boots simply will not do. Invest in a pair of ANSI-certified steel safety boots with toe, trust me, your feet will thank you.

Evaluating and maintaining trucks and safety equipment

Steps and handles can only prevent accidents if they are properly maintained. Perform regular checks to ensure that steps and railings are not damaged or missing. If there are any defects, be sure to report them and check that they have been fixed in time.

Provide proper training

In addition to maintaining trucks and maintenance equipment, it is absolutely crucial for drivers to be properly trained. It can be extremely dangerous to use safety equipment incorrectly, in fact it can provide no protection at all or cause damage.

Educate truck drivers on how to use their equipment and tools and make sure they can use them properly.

Avoid Jumping

As tempting as it may seem to rise from a truck cab by jumping, do not. Jumping from even a short distance can put quite a lot of pressure on your lower back and joints, both of which are responsible for absorbing impact when landing. In addition to straining your body, you can easily fall and injure yourself if you do not land properly.

Maintain three contact points

The safest way to prevent damage when leaving a truck is to climb out using three contact points. This means that either two feet and one hand, or one foot and two hands must remain in contact with the truck. To effectively implement this technology, it is best to free both hands.

So, remove these tools or cell phone. This provides stability and reduces the risk of injury due to a fall.

Go Slow on Slippery Surfaces

Not only are ice, snow and rain covered roads a challenge for trucks on the road, it also makes it easier for shoes to lose grip.

Severe weather conditions and lack of awareness of conditions when running, walking or climbing in and out of vehicles can be the perfect combination for disaster. In addition to wearing safety shoes with proper grip, it is important to pay attention to your surroundings to prevent you from landing on the floor.

Stay safe with Paradiso Insurance

It is clear that the risk of injuries as a result of slipping, travel and falls can be reduced with a few simple changes. In addition to the tips mentioned, it is wise to be prepared in the event of an accident.

Providing a suitable insurance package from Paradiso Insurance will further protect drivers and get them back on their feet when an injury occurs.


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