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The store but does not fall (your cover) – How to avoid black Friday requirements

Every year my family and I look forward to our thanksgiving traditions. We eat Thanksgiving dinner, watch TV, eat more Thanksgiving dinner, and then start making our Black Friday plans. We investigate all the great deals and then start thinking about our strategy. When the time is right, and the turkey has decided, we will go for our epic quest for half-board tablets, clothing collections and any BOGO set-up you can imagine.

But as fun as Black Friday Bonanza may be, it can also be a little dangerous. According to nerdwallet.com, parking accidents can increase as much as 25% on Black Friday compared to any other Friday of the year. There is also an increase in theft, identify theft and liability.

Here are some tips to remember this black Friday.

Do not drive drowsy. Wait for the turkey combo to pass before you get behind the wheel to prevent parking accidents. Be sure that your car policy covers damage caused by fender benders or your car beaten when parked or backed up. These are the most common types of accidents during this time of year.

Keep your purchases without visibility. Theft rates also tend to increase this season. Be sure to store your purchases in your luggage when shopping and try to schedule delivery of your purchases for a while when you get home.

Keep an eye on your wallet. According to the Insurance Information Institute about half of identity theft is caused by a lost or stolen wallet or checkbook. Be sure to keep your wallet and other information safe when shopping. Also, if possible, consider keeping physical documents separated from money / credit cards to minimize loss.

Make necessary updates to your policy. If you buy expensive items this year, such as jewelry or computers, be sure to ask your agent if your homeowner's policy should be updated to add more coverage.

Happy shopping and happy thanksgiving!

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