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The effect of using Trupanion as a direct payment method

  Find out why you need pet insurance that pays the vet directly if your best friend needs medical care.

When your
pets are sick, it can be stressful. After all, your pets are valuable and special
family members. At the end of the day, you just want your hairy family
member to feel better.

Imagine no
longer to have to pay in your pocket in advance costs or inconvenience with
submits paper claims.

Just think – what if you had the chance to focus on medical care for your pet, not your finances? Read on to learn more about how Trupanion has a direct payment method that can help you pay your veterinary bills during your pet's lifetime.

Trupanion: pet insurance
who pays the vet directly

  Find out why you need pet insurance who pays the vet directly if your hairy friend needs medical care or treatment.

We can help pay your invoice

advances in technology, the animal health care industry is changing rapidly. From
MRI and hydrotherapy for acupuncture and stem cell treatment your pet may need
comprehensive medical care. Of course veterinary medicine and your pet's medical
Care can cost you thousands of dollars. If your puppy needs emergency surgery,
you want to say "yes" for them to have the medical care.

About your
the vet has our unique software, we are the only provider that can pay yours
vet directly within seconds of check-out. To learn more about direct payment
through our software, click here.

Unlimited payments *

If your
pets need urgent medical attention, it can cost. Learn more about
Jeffery's hospital visit and the reason he's here today, all thanks

"The total bill from his two
the night stay in the hospital amounted to just under 10,500 dollars. I stopped paying
less than $ 1500 out of pocket.

Most importantly, as we
continue to treat and manage this condition in the coming months – and
potential year – I know I can continue to provide Jeffery with
treatment he needs to help return him to his typically happy turn

I know it without having
Trupanion to help with Jeffery's bills, this may have had a completely different one
results. It would have been difficult, if not impossible, to just pay these veterinary bills
from the first visit alone, not to mention all the follow-up care he is
will need on the road.

-Jordan K.

Fortunately, with a Trupanion policy, you can get help with unlimited payments so that your pet can get the help they need. You can easily know that you do not have to worry about finances. To read more about Jeffery's story, click here.

Coverage from birth

When you
first bring home a new puppy or kitten home, you may not be thinking about
unexpectedly. Chances are you may be too busy playing, hugging and getting to
know your new hairy family member. Of course, puppies and kittens are curious
and they can get into something they should not.

While no
you plan to use your pet insurance, you may need it when you least
expect it.

“Wesson is my special boy with
some very chronic problems. He was
diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia just six months old.

From the beginning,
especially since he grew into such a big dog, we jumped right in

With the help of Trupanion we can give
him the best joint supplements, anti-inflammatory drugs and even hydrotherapy to
help strengthen his hips and make him as comfortable as possible so that he can live
a long happy life!

He also has allergies
(environment and food) that cause chronic urinary problems. Wesson is only two
years old and so far Trupanion has paid out more
than $ 3700 for just these two numbers. ”

-Mikaila and Wesson

your dog's breed or size, an accident or illness can occur at any time. Verify
the rest of Wesson's story here.

For your pet's lifetime

Your pets
are unique family members who deserve a happy and healthy life. Discover how one
Trupanion politics can help them through small moments to big events
throughout their lifetime.

Learn how a Trupanion
can help you pay your vet bills when you least expect it.

General Terms and Conditions do so
apply. We love informed decisions. See our
policy for
complete coverage information.

Trupanion is registered
trademark owned by Trupanion, Inc. Signed in Canada by Omega General
Insurance Companies and in the United States by American Pet Insurance Company,
6100-4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108. Visit AmericanPetInsurance.com to
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