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The DWC report shows an increase in COVID claims

Workers in Florida filed 368 claims for covid-19 in May, up from 234 in April and 105 in March, according to the latest report from the Division of Workers’ Compensation.

A total of 72,680 claims for covid-19 have been filed since the pandemic began, with total costs paid exceeding $ 197.7 million. DWC reports that the benefit payments were less than $ 5,000 for 68,823 of these claims.

Self-insured state employers paid out the largest share of benefits even though they had fewer claims than private insured employers.

Government employers paid $ 117.1 million in benefits on 32,143 claims. Private insured employers paid $ 68.5 million in benefits on 34,986 claims. Self-insured private employers paid $ 1

2.2 million on 5,551 claims.

DWC reports that 36,142 claims were denied either in part or in full. Private insured employers denied 24,017 claims, while self-insured state employers denied 9,846 and private self-insured employers denied 2,254.

The division’s report also shows that a total of 118 replaceable COVID-19 death claims have been submitted since 2020, the last of which was submitted in January.

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