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The Benefits of an Independent Health Insurance Broker


The Benefits of an Independent Health Insurance Broker

Trying to navigate the health insurance market on your own can be a nightmare, especially if this is your first business in a private policy rather than a typical employer insurance policy. With so many plans and options, it can feel like you are comparing apples to oranges, which is why an independent health insurance broker can be such a valuable resource. Unlike an agent, who may only work with an insurance company, a broker is licensed at the state level and may be more knowledgeable about standards and benefits. Before signing up for a new plan, consider these five reasons why you should work with a Santa Rosa health insurance broker.

first Freedom of Choice
One of the more frustrating aspects of finding the right health insurance is the lack of good alternatives. You may only face two or three plans, none of which feel right to you or your family. An independent multi-company broker can present multi-company coverage options to give you a wider range of services to choose from.

2nd Best Price
Let's face it; Health insurance costs rarely feel like a good value. Year after year, the policies are adjusted, which sometimes leaves you paying more money for less coverage. An independent insurance broker can help you share the costs of analyzing which is the best policy for your budget and needs. Imagine how much research you would need to do yourself to get close to the practical level.

3. Personal protection
A good broker wants to know everything about you, not to snoop, but to better understand which coverage is best for you. By reviewing your lifestyle, hobbies, history and more, a health insurance broker can put together custom coverage, including services you need and previous benefits you may never use. In addition, a broker is more likely to review your plan on a regular basis to ensure that the plan you have is still best suited for you.

4. No extra fees
Are you worried about how much your broker's services may cost you? Rest easy knowing that insurance brokers receive commissions from insurance companies directly, which means you do not have to pay out of pocket for his or her help. The fact that you can get better coverage at no extra cost sounds like a great deal for any individual or family.

5. Your Neighbor
An independent health insurance broker in Santa Rosa is part of the community, supporting the same local events, going to the same local facilities and using the same streets and road. This is a person who is easy to reach and happy to help, a true advocate for his clients. By working with a local person instead of a toll-free number, you can expect a different level of customer service from a broker.

If you think a health insurance broker sounds too good to be true, try our services for yourself. Contact us online or call our office at (707) 823-3689 for a consultation. We look forward to helping you!

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