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The 5 weirdest things about not having life insurance

And why it's an exciting thing to buy a lifetime insurance from Haven Life

The scary season is upon us, and that means it's a good time to reflect on the scariest of them all: life without life insurance. (Look for thunder and lightning, followed by a horrible organ melody … played by a skeleton, laughing crazy.)

To show you what we mean, we have put together the five scariest things about not having life insurance . So sit down, take a break from spreading fake cobwebs, nibble on some funny Krackels and go into our horror house, but be warned: You may not want to read this in the dark.

In this article:

1. You miss pricing so well that it's scary

Some call this the witch's season. Well, our actuaries are not actually witches (or wizards), but they've cooked up a secret sauce worthy of a witch's brew. The Secret Sauce informs about our recently updated pricing, which means that new customers in 45 states pay a lower price for a reliable life insurance (and that product was quite affordable from the beginning).

This product is of course medically taken out life insurance. Here's how it works: You decide how much coverage you need and how many years you need it. (Start with an online life insurance calculator; Haven Term is available in terms of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years.) Get a quote. Take a comfortable (and relatively painless) medical examination to assess your general level of health. If approved, your insurer will offer you a monthly fee for your entire term and your insurance amount.

Then you pay that interest (called "premium") each month for the life of the term. In exchange, if something happens to you, your insurer will pay your loved ones (or "beneficiaries") a death benefit equal to the amount of insurance you bought – a lump sum of untaxed money that can be used for everything from funeral expenses to mortgage payments to tuition. [19659009] Here are some examples of monthly premium rates for a Haven Term policy, issued by MassMutual or its subsidiary, CM Livet, for people with good and excellent health. The actual cost of your life insurance will depend on your age and health, as well as the length and amount of insurance you choose.

Life Insurance Quotes

Age Gender Health [19659016] Face Amount Term length Monthly premium
30 [19659020] Male [19659021] Good [19659022] $ 250 thousand [19659023] 30 [19659024] $ 23.92 [19659025] Female [19659021] Good [19659022] $ 300 thousand [19659023] 30 [19659024] $ 24.28 [19659030] Male [19659021] Excellent [19659022] $ 500 thousand [19659023] 30 [19659024] $ 29.99 [19659035] Female [19659021] Excellent [19659022] $ million [19659023] 30 [19659024] $ 43.41 [19659040] 35 [19659020] Male [19659021] Good [19659022] $ 250 thousand [19659023] 20 [19659024] $ 16.86 [19659046] Female [19659021] Good [19659022] $ 300 thousand [19659023] 20 [19659024] $ 17.15 [19659051] Male [19659021] Excellent [19659022] $ 500 thousand [19659023] 20 [19659024] $ 20.72 [19659056] Female [19659021] Excellent [19659022] $ 750 thousand [19659023] 20 [19659024] $ 23.13 [19659061] 40 [19659020] Male [19659021] Good [19659022] $ 250 thousand [19659023] 10 [19659024] $ 15.40 [19659067] Female [19659021] Good [19659022] $ 400 thousand [19659023] 10 [19659024] $ 18.42 [19659072] Male [19659021] Excellent [19659022] $ 600 thousand [19659023] 10 [19659024] $ 18.98 [19659077] Female Excellent $ 800,000 10 $ 20.89

Estimation based on pricing for qualified Haven Term applicants with excellent health. Price differences will vary depending on age, health status, coverage amount and term length. These prices do not reflect the prices for applicants in CA, DE, FL, ND, NY and SD.

 Haven Life

Get a quote for medically taken out life insurance.

Tempting, right? And it's purely bloody to think you could do without it. Maybe these actuaries are witches after all …

2. You will not get our spooky rider, Haven Life Plus

Fitness and health. Get your important items in order. Long-term financial protection. These things take time and money. It can be, frankly, overwhelming. And no one likes to think about their own insidious mortality, not even on Halloween.

That's why we created Haven Life Plus, a rider linked to the Haven Term policy that gives eligible customers access to a set of bonus features available at no extra cost. . Bonus features like a free Aaptiv subscription, a fitness app with workouts, guided meditations and more – an annual value of $ 99. And an unlimited jet lag plan from Timeshifter, an app used by NASA, and worth $ 24.99. And free trust and will online services from Trust & Will, which typically cost up to $ 699. Secure online document storage from LifeSite, which usually gives you back $ 80 a year. And not to be overlooked, a 15% discount on a single service from CVS MinuteClinic, including telehealth, a chain of entrance clinics with more than 1,000 seats.

We can not guarantee that the use of Haven Life Plus will avert Grim Reaper. But it cools our backs to imagine you going through life without it.

3. You get older and less healthy, day by day, week by week, year by year, decade by decade…

You know the famous optical illusion, where if you look at it in a way, it's a young virgin, and if you look at it differently is it an old witch? Well, we hate to say it, but you grow less like the former and more like the latter every day. (If there is any consolation, so are we.) It's scary. So it is important to realize that the best time to buy life insurance is when you are young and healthy, so you are locking in the best rates.

Which reminds us: Did you know that Haven Life life insurance premiums are "level premiums." This means that the premium you pay for the first month is the same amount as you pay for the 360th month (for a 30-year insurance policy). For most people, waiting to pay a higher premium for the same coverage amount

4. The debt monster will not kill itself

From student debt and mortgage debt to mortgages, the average American has more than $ 90,000 in debt, according to recent studies by Experian. It's hair-raising. And if you die Before you pay it off, that debt can become an unwanted gift to your loved ones – your partner or your children may be responsible for paying it off.

Life insurance is a way to protect against that. The Average American and that you owe exactly $ 90,000 in credit card debt in a joint account that you share with your spouse, if you have, say, $ 600,000 in insurance – which is true for the average Haven Life customer – and you die f em years into that insurance, your loved ones will receive a lump sum of $ 600,000, which can be used to pay off debt for which your spouse may be liable. (They may actually have to pay off that debt before they get any of your other assets.) They will also have $ 510,000 left over to offset the cost of losing your income, to help pay off your mortgage, and to pay the cost of your funeral (on average $ 7,640, according to a recent study).

5. You leave your loved ones in the risk zone

Life insurance is more than anything else about peace of mind. For less than you spend on streaming TV services, you can provide decades of coverage should the worst happen to you. We do not believe in intimidation tactics – yes, in addition to dressing up as Michael Myers to distribute hallween sweets – but we want you to consider how your family would pay for the above expenses in the event of your death. If you died without the financial protection of life insurance, your family would be on the brink of a lot of expenses, potentially with no money to pay for them. Scary, right?

The good news is that you can apply for an affordable life insurance policy online in a little more than the time it takes to look at David S. Pumpkins. So grab it. 1965 Any questions?

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Haven Life Plus (Plus) is the marketing name for the Plus skier, which is part of the Haven Term policy and offers access to additional services and benefits free of charge or at a discount. The driver is not available in all states and is subject to change at any time. Neither Haven Life nor MassMutual are responsible for the provision of the benefits and services made available under Plus Rider, provided by third party providers (partners). For more information on Haven Life Plus, visit: https://havenlife.com/plus.html

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  • Good service with simple and casual communication that was not intrusive. Helped with what I wanted and the whole process took maybe 25 minutes from the time I called until I was approved until I canceled my online access. (if you are approved immediately)

  • The online experience was extremely simple and removed all intimidation from the application process. I appreciate how quickly I was able to complete the account setup.

  • Good life insurance company, you are treated as an individual, not just another number added to the gang.

  • I love the process through Haven Life, because the application was easy to complete, and the medical examination was done at a facility near my home. Customers also have the opportunity to have the forensic doctor visit their home; but I preferred to visit a nearby lab. I finally got a reasonable price for a 30-year life insurance with Mass Mutual. I'm happy because the process was simple, and the insurer did not make a big deal like other insurance companies I've tried before, and the whole process took less than a week to complete. I am at peace knowing that something would happen to me; my family will be covered.

  • The site is easy to review. The coverage level I requested meant testing. It was a bit clumsy due to the communication between their third party, but the haven life agents were timely with email communication. Overall, the rate was a little higher than expected, but happy to have the insurance. Really liked using the slider to determine the final coverage. After the policy has been issued, the website shows a new benefit, so come on, look forward to seeing what it's about

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