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Ten tips for safe holidays with your family (and COVID)


  Ten tips for safe holidays with your family (and COVID) The holidays are full this year. We miss our families and we want to see them. Here are some things you can do to stay on the healthy side of family reunions during a global pandemic.

  1. Know Your Limits: We all have different situations and different levels of fear and anxiety, and that's OK. The most important thing is that you know what is right for you and your family.
  2. Have a conversation: If you are planning to meet someone, a candle, "Hello, so what are the COVID rules on your house?" is a great way to start the conversation.
  3. Give alternatives: Maybe you are comfortable having someone at home, but do not make assumptions about how the other party feels. If you want to meet, give others some options and see if you can find a scenario that works for most people.
  4. Be honest: Minimizing the spread of COVID is about managing your risk level. We all deserve to have a clear picture of the risks we take, so let others know if you have traveled, been to large gatherings or engaged in other high-risk activities.
  5. Ask directly: Alternatively, now is not the time to be shy about asking your friends or family what they have done and how much risk you take by being nearby.
  6. Test yourself: If you hope to visit family and have enough lead time, getting tested is a great way to be safe and calm everyone's minds.
  7. Send gifts: Unfortunately, many of us have to make the decision not to see our families in person this holiday season. But we should still do what we can to show our love and support and to let others know that we are thinking of them.
  8. Go out: In some climates, the possibility of entertaining outdoors quickly seems like a non-possibility. But this year we may need to put our discomfort on the burner and prioritize getting to meet each other in a safe way.
  9. Do not confront others: Social media likes to go crazy with videos of people arguing in grocery stores not to wear masks and similar COVID controversies. But most of us will not behave that way and even if we did, we are unlikely to change anyone else's opinion with that strategy. It is natural to feel angry if you wear a mask and someone else does not. But keep your opinions to yourself and just walk out of the store.
  10. Share your feelings: It's gloomy to think of saying "I love you" because you may not get the chance to do it again. But the truth is, even if we were not in a pandemic, we really do not know what will happen tomorrow. Do not miss an opportunity to tell someone ̵
    1; friends or family – that you care about them and be generous with the love and kindness during the holidays.

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