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Tailor-made insurance coverage is no laughing matter


My morning routine includes looking at the local news while deleting my clothes so that I can see presentable to both the public and my co-workers. Several days ago, I was in the middle of this routine when the news broadcast went to a commercial break. Of course, as expected, the commercial range included a car insurance ad with sophomoric humor.

For unknown reasons, the deal from the aforementioned insurance company appeared to me and of course my wife went into the bedroom just as the situation began to develop. I turned to her when the commercial came to a sad conclusion that made the idea of ​​custom insurance protection to be some kind of new concept.

"Why does advertising sales insure advertising?" I asked her. She raised her eyebrows while waiting for him to know that I was going to run. "Car insurance is a serious thing. Do you see health insurance companies with fun ads ??? I don't think so. Would laugh about health issues make people buy health insurance from a particular company?"

Her eyebrows still raised and she silently answered with a " No ". It was clear that the wheels twisted in the head, because she was not sure if she would run out of the room right now and then or if I was almost finished with my miniature.

"Should people laugh if they do not have proper car insurance when they end up in an accident and either there is not enough insurance or the claim is completely denied?"

The sealed deal. She muttered another "no" and quietly left me to stop stroking my shirt.

I shook my head in disgust (at the store of course and not the fact that my wife left the room) and began to think about this subject. Yes, some commercials are actually fun and contain real-life scenarios. Others are simply stupid and have nothing to do with auto insurance at all.

This made me wonder why it was acceptable to make a twilight from such a serious product that repairs our cars when they are damaged in collisions and pay medical bills for those injured in accidents.

Although I have not answered this question – or the previous questions, I asked my wife – what I know is this: the value of an independent insurance agent cannot be underestimated. He or she will take the time to learn about your personal insurance needs and, where appropriate, will offer coverings that are not always mentioned on commercials. This can include full glass coverage without deductible, gap coverage and repair or replacement coverage for brand new cars.

Custom car insurance is not a new concept in any way. And it's really not a laughing topic. But most consumers are not insurance personnel and do not know what they need or what is offered to adapt their automatic coverage. Therefore, we are independent insurance agents here! Call your local independent agent to learn more!

For more information on personal car coverage, see Insurance 101: Personal Protection.

The above information is of a general nature and your policies and shipments may differ from the given examples.