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Support your employees as they return to work during the pandemic

How to help your employees get back to work while COVID-19 is still active

If your employees worked from home for a while, thanks to COVID-19 the transition back to the office can be difficult for them. With so many things happening and so much to think about, it resumes stress to resume business in the office. Supporting your employees during this time helps them through this challenging phase and is something they will deeply appreciate.

Here are some ideas on how to show your support during this time of change.

Offer childcare options

Many parents struggle to balance office work, housework and caring for their children's needs as most childcare centers and schools are currently closed. This makes it harder to get back to work for those of your employees who are parents.

The best approach is to offer your employees a flexible work schedule to make it easier for them to adapt to this transition. Getting to work early or at a later time can help them deal with the common morning problems. Working in the office only part of the day can also be an option.

In addition, you may consider offering virtual childcare assistance. Virtual babysitting services can give your employees a little respite during certain hours of the day, especially during the busiest times. Following all recommended sanitation protocols, as well as the guidelines for social distancing, is a good way to take care of them. Following these instructions should be second nature to everyone in your office. It will help them feel safe and satisfied.

Providing a Home Office Supplement

It takes a lot of effort, time and money to set up a well-equipped home office. Give your employees the opportunity to take care of the basics of their workspace at home. It can help them cover for things like an ergonomic chair, a headset or a webcam. Paying for any software or service they may need, such as cloud storage, is perfect.

Support Mental Health

The pandemic takes a toll on everyone's mental health. It can cause anxiety, sleep problems and many other things. Offering mental and emotional support not only shows that you care; It helps your employees manage their situations, feel healthier and even affect their productivity. You could consider hiring a psychology or counseling professional that your employees can reach out to as needed or use apps like Headspace, which focuses on meditation and sleep exercises to help your employees relax.

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