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Summer comes: Tips for outdoor cooking


I've spent the last few months trying to warn everyone: Summer is coming. As a suburban paper, it means that I only have two things in my mind: lawn holding and barbecue. Nothing destroys a good cookout faster than a trip to the emergency room or a visit from the local fire department. Whether you cook for your family or a large party, spend some time evaluating your safety.

Limitation of Liability: both my grill and smoker are propane fuel because I am busy fighting the war on dandelions to touch with coal and lighter liquid, but many of these tips apply to all outdoor storage equipment. The main problem with this type of cooking is the flammable fat produced by animal fats. Fat buildup is subject to flare-ups when the open flame hits it, which entails fire and safety risks. Some things to consider:

Celebrity. Know your equipment. Read the manual when buying a new grill / smoker. Learn how to work, maintain, season and store your device to keep it running and extending life. Review the manual from time to time. You can also find a copy online, as the hard copy tends to disappear just after you open the box.

Location. Keep your grill at least 10 meters from the house. Fire can spread quickly to any structure or overhang. Keep the area around your grill free of decorations, umbrellas and other flammable items. A wooden deck is not an ideal area for cooking. Make sure you can keep children and pets away from the cooking area.

Maintenance. Clean your stove regularly. How often depends on what and how much you use it to cook. Some meat generates a lot of fat that can fill a drip pan or cap on the inside quickly. I prefer to do a basic wipe down after the unit is cool and before I put on the lid again, then a deeper cleaning once a month. The more often you clean, the easier it is to keep track of. Check your gas leakage lines: Mix a half-wash solution / half-water solution and pour on the gas hoses and connectors. Soap bubbles if there is a leak when the gas is on.

Operation. Do not overload the smoker or grill. This can cause a lot of fat to drip down to the burner. Do not leave your grill unattended; You have to monitor it often. If you want perfectly cooked meat, you should do it anyway. Avoid BWI – Barbequing While Intoxicated – because you have to be able to react quickly if something goes wrong. Never light your unit with the lid / door closed, as gas can build up quickly and explode when ignited.

Protection. You need to know how to cut off your fuel source, extinguish fire and call the fire department. If you can't do these three things quickly, just consider ordering. Some good tips are to get a spray bottle handy (you can both add moisture to slowly cook meat and cut down small flame designs), a welding film (can lubricate fire by covering the grill) and an easily accessible fire extinguisher (examine the best type for what you cook and know how to use it). If you need to use an extinguisher, you must clean afterwards so find something that is designed for use on cooking equipment. Allow your device to cool completely before cleaning or covering. Always allow burnt chips in water before disposal.

When you are comfortable with the safe operation of your grill / smoker, you can focus on the fun stuff. Perfect for your dry rubbing, wet moping and moisture locking technology! Experiment with regional flavors, such as Texas style (yes), Memphis style (ok), St Louis Style (safe) or Carolina style (no). Slip on your white sneakers and load pants, turn on the paper mode and light it! Don't burn the grass, but I just put fertilizer.


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