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Socially distanced team building | Social insurance

For most teams, it has been just over a year since remote work began. Teams have experienced ups and downs as they navigated this new way of working together. Working remotely can lead to emotional isolation and stress. It is never so important to keep your team engaged but in a safe way. Socially distanced team building activities will keep your employees engaged, enable an opportunity to check in with each other and provide a sense of inclusion.

Ideas for socially distant team building

It is important to host virtual team building or socially distant team building activities to maintain morale and productivity. While many employees may experience the effects of loneliness working in an isolated environment, meeting together can strengthen relationships among employees. To strengthen these relationships, managers can build in virtual meetings every two weeks or every week. Try to start the meeting with a personal check-in, how the family is doing or ask which house projects the employee can work on. It is also a good time to assess an employee's mental well-being and provide them with resources (or connect them to HR) if they need help.

In addition to one-on-one meetings, make time ̵

1; formally or informally – for the entire team to meet. Promote participation by sending an agenda or talking points before the meeting.

Activities for Your Team

Maintaining social interaction is crucial for a business and can improve productivity and reduce burnout. Spice up your distant meetings by setting aside 10-20 minutes for activities such as:

Social Insurance is here to help your team thrive

By implementing tools and activities that keep your employees known and engaged, your team will be able to navigate through the challenges of teleworking. It is important not only to talk about business but also to set aside time for personal contacts. If you do, employees can feel seen and heard!

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