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Should I tell my agent if I get a new roof?

Absolutely! In Florida, the roof age is one of the most important features of insurance ratings. In fact, some companies will not even rate an roof older than 12 to 15 years, so if you have an older roof, you may have fewer options. It makes sense that a new roof will do better in rain, hail or hurricanes than a 15-year-old roof, so the insurance companies are really competing for pricing on new roofs.

What should I send to my agent? [19659003] You must send a completed work order or receipt and photos. (No, we do not recommend that you get up to take pictures … ground level photos should be sufficient). Maybe even include roof guarantees or something that shows the quality of the shingles used (eg architectural shingles at a speed of 1
20 km / h).

For an even better discount, we would really suggest a wind reduction inspection. They usually cost around $ 100- $ 150, but your roofer may be able to complete one for you. We can send them to your current insurance company to see if they will provide a price reduction. We can also buy your home insurance from other companies for a new insurance. See below for a list of wind inspectors that customers have used in the past.

What if I only had the home relocated, but the deck and roof-to-wall connections were not upgraded to the new codes?

Insurance companies still want the proof and will likely apply a new roof discount on your home. However, we would not suggest that you get a new wind reduction inspection, as the wind reduction inspection looks at updated roof upgrade codes.

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