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Shopping Safety tips for the holidays and beyond

The average American plans to spend $ 998 during the winter season, according to the National Retail Federation . This means that it will be a hectic time for both online and brick and mortar retailers.

But all that life and movement can create opportunities for real grinches. This time of year, thieves, pickpockets and porch pirates are on the hunt to loot your packages. But you can outsmart them! This is how you stay aware – and keep your holiday trip safe.

& # 39; Tis the Season for (Safe) Holiday Shopping

Although many of us plan to turn to online shopping this year, you may still decide to take a quick trip to the mall or your favorite stores. Keep these quick safety tips in mind when traveling.

Send your holiday packages with care

When you send gifts, it is easy to send your packages and leave. However, a lot can happen after a package leaves your hands. Here are some tips to keep in mind before sending your holiday gifts and packages:

  • Schedule accordingly. Remember that this is the season for parcel deliveries ̵
    1; and parcel thefts. Before sending, consider your recipient's lifestyle and schedule. You really do not want your gifts to sit unattended for hours or days. Before filling in the package, give the recipient a try about their special delivery and get OK to send it to its place.
  • Pack carefully. Bubble wrap is always the reliable way to keep almost everything in one piece. To prevent smaller gifts from being overlooked in the drawer, tape all the gifts together. Before sealing the transport box with tape, close the lid and shake the box. If things move too much, add more cracked newspaper or packaging pellets.
  • Have a backup plan. Things can happen during transport. Just to be safe, put an extra address label inside the box. If the outer label becomes wet, torn or otherwise illegible, this will provide postal workers or shipping services with a backup so they can get your box to the right place.
  • Get insured. Look at what your carrier offers for insurance coverage. Just remember that many packages are already covered, as long as they are valued at a certain dollar amount. Check with your carrier and consider purchasing additional shipping coverage if needed. Read the fine print, take pictures of the objects and hang on receipts until the package is delivered safely.

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