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Shawn Black Herring: Takes Dad's lessons to heart

Shawn Black Herring clearly remembers visiting her father's Allstate agency when she was only three years old. Jerry Black started his Allstate career in the Sears store in New Bern, North Carolina.

"He had a small cabinet near the tire shop, on the left side of the store," Shawn says. "My mom would take my two sisters and me over to the store to take him lunch."

Shawn admired how much her father loved to interact with customers and the other Sears employees. For her, he got to help people look so funny.

He also worked hard, emphasizing the same with his daughters.

"We all had jobs and responsibilities and as we got older, you were either accepted into college after high school or started working," Shawn says. "The principles of accountability at a young age made us independent, financially responsible and good stewards of giving back to our communities."

When they started on their own, Shawn and her sisters used to joke, they would rather have asked for a loan shark for money than their father. They knew the question would turn into a lesson.

"He would say: & # 39; It wouldn't happen if you pay yourself first and don't overspend; just buy what you can afford without having to borrow," Shawn says. "I once offered to exchange paychecks with him when I was a retailer in a clothing store during college. He never addressed me. Now I appreciate all these lessons. "

Her father's example had a lasting effect. Jerry says all three of his daughters visited the office, but Shawn was At 1

2, she told people that she wanted to become an Allstate agent when she was growing up, so Jerry told her to study hard in school and that she would do it.

"I never realized ( she was serious about insurance) until she quit college, "Jerry says." She had a job near school, but it didn't work out well for her. So I gave her an offer to come and work with me and see if she would be interested in taking over one day. I could quickly see that she would be fine. "

At the age of 32, Shawn bought the agency in 2002. She put her dad's lessons on the job and paid her 10-year business loan for eight years.

Shawn has had the pleasure of getting to know clients at her agency, just like Jerry did in the 1970s. She now helps second- and third-generation Allstate customers, just like her dad did.

"We are simple, southern, not good looking people," Shawn says. "He learned to work for things you want to achieve early in life and transferred it to me. A strong work ethic was a requirement in our family and it still applies today."!

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