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Serious safety notification against car wash is confirmed

A car wash failed to protect workers from a transport system sufficiently and had to pay a fine of nearly $ 10,000, held an administrative law convicted by the Safety and Health Working Group in a final decision released on Thursday.

I ] Labor Minister of CWP Asset Corp. d / b / Mister Car Wash the Commission's judge confirmed a US Occupational Safety and Health Administration quote after an employee suffered serious foot injury.

2014 El Paso, Texas-based car wash owned by CWP Asset Corp. In Houston, Texas, the way employees changed dried cars. Previously, employees waited outside the car water package until customers parked their vehicles in the drying areas. In 201

4, however, the car wash moved into the last part of the car wash, and employees were taught to dry vehicles while they were placed along the side of the vehicle, since they worked on either side of a transport system designed to move cars through a series of rollers that push vehicles. along a track. When a vehicle leaves the track, the rollers roll downwards in a hole in the floor and under the hole is a chain and chain of the car transport system. The hole is equipped with a trap door which is designed to be pushed back by the incoming roller, but when waiting to receive rollers it sits two and a half inches from the ground.

On June 8, 2017, an employee suffered a serious injury requiring hospitalization when he crossed the carrier after drying a vehicle and his foot slid into the hole and was caught in the conveyor's sprocket and chain.

Following the accident, an inspector at the US Occupational Health and Safety Administration issued a single thesis for a serious violation related to the employer alleged failure to protect the sprocket and the chain conveyor.

The car water questioned the quote and claimed that the exciting protection was sufficient and that the injured worker's injury was the result of the failure of unforeseen employees. In a test for a day in El Paso, an administrative judge claimed that the employer placed his employees close to the danger by replacing the drying operations inside the car water tray, and it was therefore reasonably predictable that employees would be in the field zone created by the void over the conveyor sprocket and chain. He said that due to the change in work practices, the employer had "a corresponding responsibility" to ensure that any new items or rotating parts were adequately protected but failed to do so.

The administrative judge found that the work secretary showed that it was "reasonably predictable" that the employees were or will be in the risk field between the trap door and the end of the carrier and noted that employees testified that the area tended to be wet and slippery and that the work rules seemed inconsistently understood and enforced. Although the car wash claimed that its policy prohibits entering or over the conveyor belt during operation, the administrative judge found that the workers were working in areas known to be wet and slippery and that car water regulations "were not consistently implemented, if at all". As employees were exposed to a danger, and the managers knew the trap of the trap door, the judge said the car wash was obliged to ensure that the carrier was properly guarded.

The administrative judge also held that the worker's injuries were sufficiently serious to earn a serious crime confirmation and that the fine of 9.234 is judged against the car wash was appropriate.

Neither CWP nor its lawyer immediately responded to the request for comment.


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