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Selling life insurance from home • The insurance probblog

As early as 2011, when the world was very different from today, selling life insurance from home was seen as a crazy idea. <! – ->

How do we know?

Because everyone that we talked to about what we did and our idea of ​​working with customers across the country said it would not work. These people never trust to pay big premiums for a policy offered to them from someone they could not see or smell.

But in fact, this site started as an attempt to do just that … to attract customers who would be interested in buying life insurance. And that a large majority of the business would take place in a virtual environment. <! – ->

Until then, our efforts to sell life insurance policies have largely been conducted face-to-face meetings, often in someone's office or at the kitchen table in the evenings after they have finished their work day.

Is it a good career opportunity to sell life insurance?

That's the million question, right? Most people who sell life insurance from home really make it a career. To be honest, selling life insurance on a part-time basis seems like a difficult task as it is not the type of work that fits nicely into shared time blocks.

It will obviously depend on the type of life insurance sales you choose to focus on for your career. Speaking of experience, the time and energy required to train, guide and manage the sale of mixed (term riders with paid supplements) whole life insurance or indexed universal life insurance would be difficult to manage part time. <! – ->

Many times when, for example, you design an entire life insurance policy, there is an extensive telephone call or web conference that must take place. As you may or may not know, these types of life insurance policies have illustrations that need to be signed and recognized when applying.

Most people want to understand what happens before they sign it, which is reasonable. Remember that with cash life insurance, many times people spend $ 20,000 + each year in premiums and they plan to do so for many years.

It's a big commitment and they need to be sure they understand all the pros and cons of the particular whole life policy that you recommend to them.

The same can be said for the index universal life insurance – some even claim that it requires more explanation. It is a matter of opinion, but it certainly requires a slightly different discussion than the whole of life with the same amount of details for the clients to reach a certain level of comfort in order to make a final decision.

Can You Really Make Money Selling Life Insurance? [19659016] Yes, you can definitely make money selling life insurance policies from home. It is a relatively simple business depending on the type of life insurance you sell and the needs of your customers. One thing that has not yet been discussed in this article is that many who sell life insurance from home are focused on selling term life insurance.

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