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Security for your second home

  Security for your second home Since you can not keep track of it all the time, you want your second home or rural property to be well maintained and protected. There are many things you can do to protect land and buildings and prevent problems that can arise when a property is unattended.

Investing in a Smart Home Security System:

Security systems today are sophisticated and comprehensive. Smart home technology has made it easy for homeowners to know and even see in real time what is happening on their property, even for miles. Many systems can trigger automatic alerts to both the homeowner and rescue personnel. Some even offer 24/7 live support. But even if you do not go for the fancy stuff, a good alarm system, motion sensor and timed lights and video surveillance in important places can go a long way to give you peace of mind and a way to keep track of the place.

Hire a Property Manager:

Not only will a good property manager regularly inspect your property personally, they will also know how to take care of and prevent common problems that arise when homes become unoccupied part of the year. They can keep the sidewalk clear and the lawn mowed, make sure the pipes do not freeze, and handle the branches that broke off during a recent storm. In addition, a property manager can prepare your home for your arrival; heat things up, buy basic necessities and turn on the lights for your arrival.

Schedule maintenance while you are away:

Every home and property needs regular maintenance. However, there are some systems that can be affected when left unattended for long periods of time. Planning regular maintenance throughout the year and especially when you are away can keep your property in top shape, but it can also be another way to stay in touch and identify potential problems. Consider having your trees trimmed, your roof or heating system inspected, or just employ the child next to you to rake the leaves and shovel the aisle regularly.

Share the property:

If you only spend a few weeks or months a year on your other property, consider renting it out or sharing it with friends and family. If you do the former, there are real risks, but the benefits of having a passive income and having your home occupied more often can make them worth it. If you do not need the money, it can help you get the most out of your investment by making a second property available to close friends or family and also giving you the security of knowing that someone is there.

Update your insurance:

Make sure your insurance reflects the value of your property, outbuildings and any other valuables or assets on site. This will ensure that if something happens you will be protected from all important losses. You should also review the policy for any occupancy requirements or restrictions (for both your family and guests), which may invalidate your coverage if you do not follow them.

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