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Safety tips to remember during Motorsport's month of awareness

Originally, motorsport in America was mainly about motocross, NASCAR or drag racing. Today it is often about motorcycles or off-road vehicles (ATVs).

August is Motorsports Awareness Month in the United States. This is a time to promote the enjoyment of motorsport and to educate people about safety. It is also a great time of year for motorcycle trips or exploring trails on ATVs. These common sense safety tips can help keep children, young adults, and all motorsport participants safe on the road or trails.

  • Take a motorsport course : These courses are available for ATV riders, motorcyclists and all types of racers. They can help reduce the number of accidents and injuries.
  • Stay away from paved roads on ATVs: ATVs are for off-road use only.
  • Look over all your equipment before embarking on a ride: This includes checking to make sure you have enough gas for the trip.
  • Never allow children under the age of 16 to ride adult ATVs: Most ATV injuries involve children.
  • Make yourself as visible as possible on a motorcycle: Many crashes involving a motorcycle and a car occur due to the driver's failure to register the motorcyclist on the road.
  • Wear the right helmet and protective equipment: Look for quality over cost savings when it comes to protective equipment. Protecting your body from damage is well worth the extra cost. ATV safety equipment should include helmet, goggles, gloves, long sleeves, long pants and thick boots.
  • Never drink while driving or driving: Alcohol consumption slows down the response time, impairs judgment and significantly increases the likelihood of crashing.
  • Do not take a passenger on an ATV: Unlike motorcycles, many ATVs are not designed to carry passengers. When riding an ATV, you have to move your weight in different directions to stay in control. This becomes more difficult with an extra person on board.
  • Pay attention to the track conditions on an ATV: All tracks are different to begin with, and rain or other weather can drastically change their condition. Consider all the factors when adjusting your speed and deciding which route to take.
  • Drive off-road vehicles during the day (or on a well-lit track): It is much more difficult to accurately assess a track in the dark.
  • Look at your speed: Checking an ATV corresponds directly to how fast you are going.
  • Run within the limits of your own skill: Do not attempt tricks or stunts that you are not qualified to perform safely.
  • Make sure you can call for help in the event of a crash: Mobile phones may not work in some ATV terrain areas. Make sure your mobile phone is charged, carrying a portable charger and find a method to contact emergency medical care if the need arises.

Taking the right safety precautions can help protect you and your family from accidents and injuries while enjoying your favorite motorsport. But accidents can still happen, despite our best safety efforts. Our agent can help you make sure you have the right ATV insurance, motorcycle insurance or car insurance to provide the protection you need in the event of an accident.

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