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Safety tips for fireworks

Independence Day is fast approaching and for many it means it’s time to celebrate! I bet if we close our eyes we can all imagine it now: the family gathers again, grilled on the grill and a fireworks show when the sun goes down. Children watch in amazement and parents are full of joy that they can share this tradition with their families. While we are all wrapped up in this joy and excitement, it’s easy to forget the most important part of the evening: keeping everyone safe.

When it comes to fireworks, it is important to have fun, but also to be as safe as possible. Many people often forget how dangerous fireworks can be. Before lighting your fireworks this Fourth of July, check out this quick list of tips that can keep your loved ones safe and memories full of joy!

  1. Leave it to the pros! Although fireworks are legal in many states, they are not always safe. The National Safety Council recommends that you enjoy fireworks at public shows performed by professionals instead of at home. You can try to go online and find out which events in your area can have fireworks shows this year.

    If fireworks are legal where you are and you choose to use legal consumer fireworks …

  2. Never let children handle fireworks! Young children should be kept at a safe distance and their activity should be closely monitored. Let them watch the program from a distance. You get better visibility when you stand back anyway!
  3. Never use fireworks when you are under the influence of alcohol! If there will be alcohol nearby when using fireworks, make sure you have a “designated fireworks friend”
    ;. It’s just like a “Designated Driver”, but for fireworks.
  4. Keep a safe distance from other people, homes or flammable objects! The last thing you want during a celebration is to hurt those around you by being ruthless. Making sure you have a safe distance from people, homes and flammable objects can help minimize that risk.
  5. Soak used fireworks in water before disposing of them! Fireworks can still be hot or not work after use, which can be a dangerous situation. By soaking your fireworks in water for a few hours before disposing of them, you can avoid potential safety hazards after the fireworks show!

    Ultimately, having fun in a safe way should be your top priority this Fourth of July. Following these tips and others can help you reach that goal! For more information and suggestions from the National Safety Council, check out their article LEAVING FIREWORKS TO THE EXPERTS.

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