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Safety tips for all delivery drivers

No matter what truck you drive for your job – there are certain safety precautions that every truck driver should be aware of and follow. Let's face it, driving a delivery truck or perhaps something even bigger requires all the more focus, attention and experience to be as safe as possible on America's highways and freeways. After all, our finances depend on our drivers and injured drivers can not work.

Most important safety tips

We would like to point out some safety tips for drivers that we think are most important for your daily job. Our finances depend on drivers being safe, which is why we at Paradiso Insurance focus on safety and well-being for all our customers and their teams.

Proper safety precautions for all truck drivers:

  1. Always be aware of your blind spots, especially when driving on the motorway. We recommend that you check and check each time before changing lanes or merging.
  2. Always take it slow when going through road work zones. This will give you longer response time if you need it.
  3. Always strive to load efficiently and quickly.
  4. When loading cargo, make sure the larger, heavier boxes are stacked against the floor of your truck and leave your lighter packages stacked on top of them. During travel, drawers have a tendency to shift around.
  5. Always lower your speed on all types of curves ̵
    1; remember all the weight you carry and the power behind it.
  6. All types of bad weather always require you to slow down and be more careful. Snow, snow, ice, rain, fog – are all things that can make driving conditions difficult.
  7. Always use the three contact points when entering or leaving your truck. This will ensure that you always have three points where you hold on to the truck and reduce the risk of slipping and falling.


We hope the above safety tips will help you ensure that you make all your deliveries safely and on time, without risking anyone's well-being. Let's go back to number 3 again for another second. While some may question that tip, I urge you to think about it further. If the truck is packed in a strategic way, it will save time for your team and deliveries will not be delayed. When workers get behind schedule, they tend to speed up, making roads less safe as well as risking others. At Paradiso Insurance, we value our FedEx and Amazon Independent Contractors and will always take the time to remind you of important safety tips for your employees. Together, we can reduce claims and help keep premiums low. For more safety information or for questions about your employees' compensation coverage, call our team at 860-453-0116 or send us a message here and we will be happy to help!

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