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Safety Tips: Buying and Selling Online


  Safety tips: Buy and sell online This year, many of us had a much closer and personal relationship with our families, our house and our things. And many of us realized: we have far too much of all three. Even if you can't get rid of your 6-year-old or your spouse, there are plenty of places you can go to unload redundant items.

Important security tips

Meeting strangers from an online store carries some potential risks. Here are some tips when meeting people you met online:

  • Bring a friend or family member.
  • Tell several people who you meet, where you meet and when you meet them.
  • Always meet the person you are buying / selling in a public place and under sunlight. Libraries and parking lots for grocery stores are often busy places where you can safely meet someone. Some local police stations also have "Safe-Trade Stations".
  • Agrees in advance on how the monetary exchange will take place. It is not recommended to accept a personal check for payment. If you have a lot of cash, keep it hidden until you are ready to make the purchase.
  • If the item purchased requires a title, never accept the purchase without the title.

Tips for posting:

  • Take (several) great pictures: It may take a while to get it, but good photos are the key to getting your stuff sold. Experiment with background and lighting until you have an image that captures the object accurately and makes it look as good as possible.
  • Be in advance with the buyer: If the item you are selling is damaged or has some kind of defect, be sure to put it in the description. You will not waste time with buyers who are not okay with it, and you are more likely to get a positive rating for "item described."
  • Update Your Lists: Many resale sites have options for updating lists. so that they are more current and so that potential buyers can see them again. If your item is not for sale immediately, take advantage of some of these options and be patient.
  • Know When to Let Go: At some point, you may need to decide that it's more important to have smaller things than to make a few dollars. If your once expensive sweater does not sell for the amount you think it deserves, it may be time to lower the price or just drop it off at a used store.

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