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Safety continues even after your truck has stopped

Driving a truck for a job is not easy, we know. The experience is definitely made more difficult when your truck starts to act upwards – on the road and at stops. As hard-working individuals, we know that you do everything necessary to keep your truck in the right shape when you are on the road. However, you will be shocked to know that it is not enough! Yes, taking care of your truck, its maintenance and upkeep so that it works best on the road is not the only part of keeping your truck safe.

It's true when they say that safety continues even after your truck has stopped. For example; let's assume a situation where you have parked your truck and go your day, all nice. Suddenly you get a phone call saying that a moving vehicle hit your truck. Yes, it can happen! Now you have an extra financial burden to pay. At Paradiso Insurance, we want you to exercise maximum care when it comes to your trucks so that you can minimize all types of damage.

How to do it.

Adjusting your mirrors

Whenever you are not in your truck, drive, make sure your side mirrors are closed. This is one of the easiest damages you can encounter with your truck. All moving vehicles can hit it and leave you without mirror vision. When your truck is in the park or at a station, close your side mirrors.

Narrow parking

You must be extra vigilant when parking on narrow roads and alleys. When doing so, always pull out of the traffic lane as far as you can and put on your four-way screens. Similarly, when you get back in your truck, do not start driving right away. We rather recommend that you look around and look for obstacles and then leave the best way you can.

Human safety

Trucks are large, without lids and can greatly obstruct your vision. Therefore, you should always watch out for pedestrians and fixed objects. When parking, it is important to have a little foresight. Always plan where you will park your truck and how you will exist it.

Tail turns

Always try to make the back of your truck a last resort and check the tail turn on the side of the vehicle closest to the pavement. In addition, if you get a job / delivery at a new location, it is always best to call ahead and ask for specific directions.

Getting insurance

A lot can go wrong when driving a large truck. We do not want that! This is why we recommend that you get insurance – if you have not already done so. This will save a lot of trouble in the future. In addition, it is a prerequisite for most jobs. At Paradiso insurance, we understand that each customer has specific needs and our insurances are made to fit your specifications. Our Fedex package insurance and commercial car insurance cover more grounds than any other company out there.

Accidents can occur when and where there is no denying and it is strongly recommended that you insure your commercial truck / vehicle. Insurance not only covers the injuries caused during accidents, but also gives you peace of mind at all times where you work.

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