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Roof and exterior wall problems and an insurance solution

In the many insurance claims we have seen in Ohio over the years, damages and outer wall damage cause the greatest frustration for policyholders. We have discovered that most of the problem arises simply due to a lack of understanding of what household insurance provides in the event of this type of loss. The truth is that it is probably 99% of the cause of most problems with insurance claims.

Why roofing and siding cause frustration

When siding and / or roofing are damaged as a result of a covered claim, there is always a chance that the replacement cladding / roof does not match what is left. And for most people, their home is their biggest investment and a huge source of pride. If the exchange material looks scary, what does it make them look like? Completely understandable.

But it is important for you to first understand the obligation and obligation of homeowners insurance when it comes to siding and roofing.

Roof and siding and how homeowners insure themselves

The insurance is designed to put you in the same financial situation after a loss that existed before a loss occurred. This is also called indemnity.

So if you have a hole in your house, the insurance company's obligation is to repair the hole. If you do not have side tracks, they are obliged to put on side tracks again. If you do not have roofing, it is their duty to place the roof where the wind tore it. Do you see a pattern here?

Note that I did NOT say that they are obliged to make it match and look aesthetically pleasing, complete with a rainbow, puppy dogs and chirping birds sitting on your windowsill.

Politics simply does not say that. Trust me ̵

1; NO insurance sounds SO sweet (I do not want to). Do not get me wrong – it's not like the insurance company will hit new red pages next to your existing canary. And they try to do what they can. But claim adjusters are bound by the policy.

What happens if your siding and / or roofing are simply worn or weathered due to time and exposure? The same answer applies.

MEN ………. What happens if your siding and / or roofing materials are simply no longer made / obsolete / unavailable? HA! THIS is the solution I referred to earlier. Read on for the solution and how you can get it.

Introduction of housing and other structures Sides and / or roof restoration coverage from Erie Insurance

The purpose of the coverage is simple: to replace the insured to replace undamaged siding and / or roofing of the home and other structures when the materials on the covered loss area is no longer available.

How it works

Here is an example of how it works: after a big windstorm, you discover your 15 year old vinyl page has ceased. You should have up to the coverage amount chosen to replace the siding so it is a match (so if you have a larger house it may be a good idea to buy a larger coverage amount). Nice solution is not it?

AGAIN: this coverage is NOT for improper matches due to weathering, fading or normal wear. But if the outer edge or roofing is simply no longer manufactured or is inaccessible, it is your trigger. This also only applies to vinyl or aluminum tracks and / or composite roofs.

$ 10,000 coverage is the lowest available, with a maximum of $ 30,000. This coverage has several other options, but I have seen annual premiums for the package to be between $ 75 and $ 150. Pretty decent investment to save a lot of heartache.

Payment under this coverage is made on a compensation basis, based on a paid invoice. So replacement of siding and / or roofing must take place first, then Erie reimburses up to the coverage amount.

We are glad that this solution exists. It does not handle ALL roof or side grooves, but is a welcome relief for cases where exterior walls and / or roofing are no longer made or available.

Obtain homeowners' insurance in Ohio from Erie with the Siding / Roofing Restoration approval and minimize future damage problems (and headaches!) Fill out the form below to discuss your insurance!

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