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Repurposing Technology at Home Allstate Blog

If you are ready to clear unwanted electronics and accessories from your home, you probably already know that recycling is an option. But you can discover that the old devices can be easily restored.

There are many creative options for restoring old technology. Some of these are nicer – for example, turning discs into clocks or making jewelry from keyboards.

If there is nothing to do, consider these other ways that you can find new uses for old gadgets. [19659004] 1. Use spare parts for home monitoring

If you want to try to monitor parts of your home without a safety system, extra electronics can be useful. Take a look at how camera protection cameras, baby monitors, smartphones and tablets can help you keep tabs at home.

Camcorders and baby monitors

Do you have an extra camcorder nearby? You may use it as a baby monitor, especially if it has a microphone, speaker and night vision.

It can also work the other way around. A baby monitor can help you monitor your home when you are ready to use it in the nursery. You can use it as a pet camera, home surveillance camera or keep it to your garage door so you can check that it is closed when you are in another room.

As long as the cameras work with Wi-Fi, you can monitor them while you are away from home. You can set the cameras to record when there is motion and store the playback on an SD card or pay for cloud storage.

No matter where you use the cameras and monitors, if they are connected to online accounts, make sure they are secure with strong, unique passwords.

Smartphones and Tablets

If you have an extra smartphone or tablet with a built-in video camera, you may be able to download an app that lets you use the device to monitor your home.

Leave the device plugged in and the app is running when you are away. You may also need to change your phone or tablet settings to prevent it from falling asleep. Once set, if the device detects against it will prompt the camera to start recording. When you return home, you can review the movie.

You may want to buy a phone or table stand to keep the device in the correct position.

2nd Build a smart home theater with a tablet

An old tablet can also become a smart home control. By using a wall-mounted wall outlet, you can install a tablet on the wall so that it is always connected. Then use it as a central hub to control your lamps, thermostat, security camera and other smart home interfaces.

Once your smart home interfaces are installed, you can control them within their individual apps on your tablet. You can also use a third-party hub to manage them all in one app. In any case, the tablet can be a control station to easily manage your devices.

An Important Side Note: Make sure your older tablet is up to date with all the necessary security features. When you close your tablet, you want to make sure that the device's operating system and various apps run all the latest software so that they work smoothly and safely.

3rd Finding Additional Uses for Tablets

Even if you do not want to use it for home surveillance or a smart home, an extra tablet does not need to collect dust. You can turn it into a home decor using an app to play a slideshow of family photos, for example, or display useful information like the local weather.

Upgrading your technology does not mean that the older versions need to waste. By reposting unwanted devices, you can find that they still have plenty of use left in them. And in some cases, older gadgets can offer new amenities to modernize your home.

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