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Recruit quality employees to your small business

  Recruiting talent

In a competitive labor market, it may seem like a challenge for small businesses to compete for top talent, but it may not be as difficult as previously thought. Smaller companies often have a lot to offer that large companies do not. Wall Street Journal says, "Small businesses often offer more flexibility, more job diversity and the potential for high growth." [1] It is important to make a case for why your business is an attractive place to work. If you have a hard time building your workforce, you may want to look at new perspectives.

Here are some tips to help with the search for the right candidate:

Controls and balances

Don't trust a person to do all the work. The key to hiring the best choice for your open position is to make sure that you consider all your candidates as alternatives and utilize different perspectives within your organization in the employment process.

Look outside the box

If you are "Do you have luck with your current methods of sending jobs, look for new media where you can advertise your vacancy. Are your current employees easy to share and talk about the opening? According to Entrepreneur.com you also want to be sure that you write the right post, be sure to describe the position, qualifications and key details to ensure that the right applicant applies. Be sure to use the internet and print [2]

Begin early

Take your picture early and often in your community A good way to make an impact in society and in your future employment is to work with local colleges, colleges and young professional organizations. Consider using trainees or apprentices as an avenue to educate someone who may not be qualified but has the potential to contribute to your business.

Be open to change a

If you are not successful in recruiting or retaining the types of employees you want, look for suggestions from peers in your industry to decide how to win and retain qualitative employees. Local network and trade associations are a great way to get perspectives from entrepreneurs and organizations like yours to see what works in your community.

Culture is key

What does your business and employee represent? One of the best ways to get traction in building your staff is to determine the mission of your business and promote that culture through coaching and team building exercises. In this way, potential employees can see your culture and know if they will be good for the role.

If you are unsure, ask some of your current employees for recommendations and feedback. Be open with applicants and current employees what you are looking for and were ready to discuss the type of person that fits your open role and what you should offer them.

For more on hiring qualified employees, see our blog post Build your winning team.

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