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Recognition of death Death can cause problems with goods – Insurance blog – 11 August 2020

  stockfresh_181218_last-will-and-testament_sizeS_72a2cb-300x225 Stoics will talk about "memento mori." (Remember death) to remind people to get the most out of living. It takes on a more dramatic significance for the era of coronavirus. Employees realize that mortality can come with a sneeze. More want to take precautionary measures to protect their loved ones. plans offer to draft simple wills as a benefit option. It is an excellent prepaid benefit for legal services.

Protecting the Estate

People may think they have little to leave behind and they are usually wrong. Everyone who owns a house or has an life insurance policy has reportable assets. Probate moves quickly if there is a will. Everything slows down to a crawl when there is no will.

A probate court will then appoint an administrator to report to the court. Approval must be obtained for everything. The final yard can become a battlefield where relatives circle over sticks of furniture. It is a sad situation that should be avoided. Nationwide prepaid Le gal Services offers simple wills as an advantage.

Nationwide attorneys will prepare simple wills

We use a nationwide network of highly professional attorneys. A team member in the legal plan can quickly contact a Countrywide Attorney because there is one in each client organization's community. Plan members receive priority treatment.

A nationwide lawyer does more than litigation. This legal professional offers advice and trains a plan member. Guidance is provided to select an executive and the best way to inventory assets. Plan members learn to work with probate law and that is an advantage for themselves.

A simple will is a maximum of six pages and Countrywide provides other prepaid legal services. A team member in the legal plan can ask as many questions as needed about a particular topic and not be charged for it. Our lawyers can write letters on legal stationery and make phone calls for a plan member. This means that the lawyer can investigate further information if this is required.

There is a need for this service

Employees want to protect their loved ones but few of them know what to do. They are not sure which lawyer to contact and what the fee structures are. Employees work from home and this means that they no longer have office informal communications. They cannot easily get advice from other employees who have written a will.

Nationwide lawyers are experienced writers. We recruit them based on legal expertise. Anyone who works with a nationwide lawyer knows that they are getting the best legal advice. They also receive compassionate membership services. Our lawyers are also recruited for their folk skills. Emotional intelligence is as important as knowing the law. We want our group law plan members to be treated with respect and courtesy. They will get it from Countrywide.

Employers have significant contributions

Nationwide does not offer a headboard, take it or leave it, benefit plan. We believe that the benefits of all employees must be adapted to meet the needs of a particular customer. We asked decision makers to help us.

The employer will be shown all our prepaid legal services and asked to choose the ones they want in their group law plan. We will not advocate one service over another, and we respect the choices made. We will provide streamlined administration and superior membership services to all customers. Our customers expect the best and we give it to them.

Having a will requires a lot of the person's mind. That individual understands that his or her wishes will be respected and family members do not have to go through a longer period of probate. If you have any questions about our benefits, please contact us conveniently. We are here to answer all your inquiries.

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