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Realtor Spotlight: Taylor Kapterian | Blog

In this month's Realtor Spotlight, the agency's principal Sarah Brown Taylor interviews Kapterian, a broker with the Keller Williams team Glenda Kane & Co.

Taylor Kapterian

Sarah: Do you have a niche or special area?

Taylor: I work with many people who move to the York area from abroad. I have lived in York County for several years but it opened my eyes to learn how many people are drawn to our area. But if you think about it, it makes sense because we are so centrally located. We are not too far and not too close to major cities, airports, mountains and beaches. In fact, many of my clients come from referrals. I recently helped someone from California find a home, and they have already referred two to three people to me.

Sarah: Do you focus more on the buyer, the seller or both?

Taylor: I work with both, but when I look back over the years, I have probably helped more buyers than sellers.

Sarah: How did you get into biz and how long have you been doing it?

Taylor: I never thought I would become a real estate agent! When I went to Penn State, I worked for a title company and continued to work there full time after graduation. After three years, I became an administrative assistant for a broker. In 201

7, I changed companies and worked for a successful real estate agent, Glenda Kane. I saw how Glenda's hometown focus on the buying and selling process was different and wanted to learn from her, so she became my mentor. I love our team. My Glenda Kane & Company group is a very complex unit with seven professionals, and for us it's not just about sales. We really want to help people. I feel really good about what we do.

Sarah: Do you have any memorable buying or selling experiences that stand out and can be fun to share?

Taylor: During my first year as a broker, I worked with a young couple and their adorable son. We looked at five houses. The house they chose was so cute. It was great to see the couple bond when they fell in love with the house. It stands out because it was the first time in my career that I experienced such a sweet and fulfilling moment. The couple just started in life and I helped them find a home where they would create beautiful memories.

Sarah: What are some home buying trends that you notice?

Taylor: Right now there are definitely lower stocks than we are used to, and there are lots of buyers out there. There are a few reasons for this, but the biggest driving force is probably that mortgage rates are so low. It is a very competitive market for buyers. For sellers, this means that if you have ever considered selling your home, it's time. Even if you're just talking about the idea, it's time to think seriously and maximize your investment.

Sarah: What is a misconception you think people have about the housing process?

Taylor: Two things come to mind. First of all, many people think that they need 10% – 20% down at the settlement and very often this is not the case. There are loan programs out there that allow for 0% or 3% lower.

Next, buyers think the process will be challenging based on what friends and family tell them, but there is a good chance they did not have one properly prepared. them on the road. I really make an effort to explain the next step based on the decisions my clients make. Based on my experience, I can predict what will happen later in the sales process and proactively address issues. It's so much smoother when people are warned about every step of the way before it happens.

Sarah: What are some common mistakes that home buyers / sellers make that you wish could be avoided?

Taylor: For buyers, get pre-approved before you start looking !!! Buyers get so frustrated when they do not qualify for mortgages that they can not afford. Or the opposite can happen and buyers are wasting precious time looking at homes they do not want, just to learn that they can afford more.

For salespeople, talk to an agent if you are considering selling but before making improvements. to the property. Sellers often spend more money on renovations than necessary. From the moment a person thinks they may want to sell their house, let an agent come and give an opinion not only on the selling price but also on what needs to happen to maximize your sales value. I have seen sellers do expensive renovations such as replacing kitchen floors and appliances, when all they really needed to do was paint a wall. I think sellers often think that the real estate agent comes to the property and gives a hard sell rate when it really is, we just want to give advice on how you can sell your house for the biggest dollar amount and within your own time frame.

Sarah: Can you tell us something about your experience with Keller-Brown Insurance Services? Do you have any stories to tell about how we helped one of your buyers?

Taylor: Keller-Brown's customer service is amazing! Your team is very responsive. Even during the coronavirus shutdown, the agents at Keller-Brown were there for my buyers without skipping a beat.

I recently sold a home to someone who moved here from Las Vegas. They had no connections and did not know where to start. I referred them to Caitlin Thompson and she was wonderful! She kept him informed of the homeowner's process every step of the way. It is very comforting for me to know that my buyers are in good hands with their insurance needs.

Sarah: What is the best way for our audience to get in touch with you about buying or selling a home? Can we share some of your web or social media links?

Taylor: Absolutely!

Phone call or text is best: 717-858-7161.

Email: taylork@glendakaneco.com

To see lists and more info: https: //taylor.findyorkcountypahomes. com /

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taylorkrealtor/ [195659002] Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taylorkrealtor/ [1965]

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