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Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent: The Complete List.

Insurance comes with questions. Which is good, especially when you're trying to get the most out of a policy or get additional coverage. But sometimes consumers are not even sure where to start … or what to ask. When you need clarification or a second opinion, our agents are here. We will initiate a sincere conversation with you to sort through the clutter and get to the heart of the coverage.

To organize your thoughts before talking to an agent, or to jog your memory for questions to ask, consider starting these 8 conversations:

  1. What is my deductible? If you ever need to file an insurance claim, do you know what your own cost will cost? Ask an agent about your deductible and make sure it works within your financial situation.
  2. What is my premium? For example, find out how much it will cost to be insured and what payment options are offered.
  3. What happens if I get into a car accident? How long does it take an adjuster to inspect the damage? How many estimates do I need? Do you work with a network of workshops? Will you give me a rental car?
  4. Do my homeowners insurance offer sufficient protection? Do you have enough coverage given the value of your home and belongings? Our agents recommend that you take an inventory and make a list of valuables to determine the right amount of coverage. Another popular question is whether you need extra insurance based on the region where you live, such as a flood zone or an area prone to hurricanes. If something happens, can you choose a contractor to repair the damage, or are there contractors you prefer? Does my insurance include hotel expenses if my home is temporarily olive?
  5. Is it time for me to consider life insurance? What is the right age to get life insurance? Should I get a holistic or term life policy? What is the difference? Tip: Most people will benefit from a policy.
  6. Do I have sufficient liability insurance? A minimum amount is required in each state, but do I need more?
  7. Do I need an umbrella policy? Do I need protection beyond what my current policy offers?
  8. Am I entitled to any discounts? Is there a multi-policy discount to which I may be entitled? Can I take driver protection courses for a lower premium? Does my alma mater offer alumni discount? Can I collect my insurance to save?

For each insurance question, our independent agents have answers. They can review your policies and keep you protected from all that comes. Ready to talk? Join a local, independent agent today.

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